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New hunter

Rich Hale

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This drop point hunter has a 440C stainless blade that has been professionaly heat and cryo treated. The tang is tapered and the scales from wooly mammoth tusks and have been stabilized. The bolsters and pins are 416 stainless. Overall length is 9" with a 4 1/4" blade length.

post-68-053821100 1277851423_thumb.jpg

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Somebody or maybe many have said "It's all about the recaso" or "It all starts at the recaso"

I like to approach knives from that point in design and execution.

A lot of times when that area is symmetrical or all of the surfaces, planes, and lines are graceful or complimentary so will be the knife as a whole, although not always.

The flat portion of this blade makes a beautiful design in itself and it's relation to the grind line and bolster are all exceptionally complimentary. Each line and shape stands alone yet work together to form an exceptional whole.

The lack of damascus ,engraving, file work and other embellishments highlight your superior design and execution.

This is what I strive for but have such a hard time achieving.

Thanks for posting
Mark Behnke

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Critique by others not in my immediate family is one of the best ways I know of anylizing my work. This to me seems like just placing a knife on a table with a large group of poeple that have wide ranges of skills or interests in knife making. Letting them view it for as long as they like and then (in writing) telling me wot they think of the knife and in some cases why. I totally appreciate the comments and even more so this forum for setting the table we can meet at.

I do not know all of you but I do know a few and the level of knowledge they make the comments from. It is a very humbling experience I can assure you.

Thank you all so much,,,Rich

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