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  1. where are you located? Are you in Reno or just a fan of the show?
  2. I should of said " check these settings"
  3. I have owned both a plasmacam and a torchmate cnc machines. From what you are describing you have a torchmate cnc machine. Plasmacam and torchmate are two separate companies. Open up the flashcut cnc software. you can do this offline. select the "configuration menu". In the configuration drop down menu select "Output lines." A new screen will come up... select "output lines" again. I do not know which output you are using to turn on the plasma cutter. For example I am using output line two and I named it "Plasma On." Now under the same category menu select "code definitio
  4. http://www.amazon.com/Industrial-Hydraulic-Technology-Bulletin-0221-B1/dp/B000YE15K6 The above link is for a Parker Industrial Hydraulic Technology bulletin. This will give you a full understanding of hydraulic systems. I am concerned about some of the above comments. It is important to know PSI = working force not flow. Flow = speed. While speed = inertia it is not the proper way to achieve results in hydraulics. I have not read anything about pressure relief valves in the systems for example. Please understand I am not trying to criticize, come across as a know it al
  5. Rodney Skinner


    very nice
  6. high quality! master piece. well done my friend...
  7. Rodney Skinner

    Sord of Rebar

    great "sword" rt.... I am happy to see someone put steve's book of rebar to use. lol
  8. Rich, another very nice knife! Thanks for sharing the pic with us.
  9. May the Lord walk with you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers
  10. Nice Hammer! I cant wait to see some work you do on it.
  11. nice anvil. what is that interesting steel work on the floor in the background?
  12. My wife is ill and it might be life threatening. We are still waiting on more test. I would appreciate your prayers for her recovery.
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