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  1. Red Hot 77

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    Scott should've had his arms crossed!:)
  2. It was a great turnout to say the least!Good times!Good people!Good hospitality!Good food!& a million stories( some fact some....well.........)LOL!You must visit there at least once! B)
  3. I have one just like it made in early 30's i believe,a good little forge!Mine is lined with clay.I think you could sell it for your asking price very easily. B)
  4. Looks like a Mouse Hole!looking at the base only!! !???
  5. Just got home from visiting Stan.His spirit is high but still in alot of pain.He says hello to everyone.He will be online when he feels like he can keep up with the "typing" and can move alittle better.He says the pace maker hurts worse than his chest.Doing good though. B)
  6. (This is Mary, Stan's oldest daughter)I have hacked into Kyle's profile here, so I could update you all and let you know that Dad made it home around 7pm tonight. He was relaxing on the couch when I left. The nurses at Barnes Hospital were sad to see him leave, they loved him so much. But I know for sure they wont have to hear him complain anymore about receiving diet pepsi on his tray. And he was thrilled to get home and have some real coffee again. Thanks again to all of you for the prayers and thoughts for my Dad and for the rest of the family. Maybe if possible, you all can keep praying fo
  7. I heard they kicked him out for indecent exposure and lude behavior!! :P
  8. DISCHARGED!!!!!!!! Stanley is home sweet home! Lookout World!! B)
  9. Stan will be so over joyed to see all of your prayers,thoughts,& comments!He really thinks the world of all of you,(I hear it all the time)lol..All he wants to do is teach & spread the knowledge of what he knows about smithing & machineing.
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