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    My name is Ryan lewis i have been smithing for 3 years now mostly working in blades&pattern welding
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    smithing,Being a Dad,Judo,music
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    Wind turbine technician
  1. That blade looks great! It says a lot about his skills and your ability to teach. The plunge cuts are clean and that can be a hard thing for new knife makers to get right so early.
  2. tantrum86

    xmas order

    Looks very nice. Your leather work is beautiful as well.
  3. The blade looks good from what I can see and I agree that without knowing the steel it can be hard to suggest any tips. On the other photo you may want to invest in some supports on the forge so you can't tip over the fire pot could be dangerous and as a fireman I strongly recommend a sturdy base.
  4. I use the back of a blade as a striker when I have flint, and a solidly handled blade is essential in a lot of survival situations. Flint and other survival items can also be integrated into a sheath fairly easily without compromising the blade in any way. Just something to think about and my 2 cents.
  5. Gosh I can't think of a single bad thing I could say about this!! It's a gorgeous knife keep up the great work!
  6. Beautiful axe looks like it would be handy when opening an elk rib cage.
  7. GLooks great, cant wait to see it finished.
  8. Looks very nice I would be hard pressed to believe a "complete newbie" made it. Keep sharing the great work!
  9. tantrum86


    I second that statement. The help on this site is great and by looking at great work like this I continue to be inspired and driven to make better and more advanced blades.
  10. Looks like another great knife. I am sure the owner will love it
  11. Looks like another great knife. I am sure the owner will love it
  12. I like how you keep the forged look but you keep a professional look in the knives with well made handles and smooth blade profiles. Good job sir!!
  13. Looks good I like the wood handle on it.