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Window Sash Weights

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I did a remodeling job to an old farm house and I picked up a half dozen sash weights that were destined for the garbage. What type of metal was these made from? and what could they be used for(made into)?
They are approx an inch and a half in diameter.

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I've got one attached to the leg of my demo anvil stand by a small chain (2ft or so). When I need an extra hand to vein a leaf or such, I pull the chain across the anvil and let the weight drop down. When I pull the stock out of the forge to vein, I tuck the cold end under the weighted chain and go to town with the leaf. Works great as a third hand.


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Make good weights for trot lines. Tie line to bicycle innertube and wrap around a large rock. Put several large hooks on the line and tie the window weight at the end and throw it in and get ready for some flatheads.


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I have one that I use when I go fishing...

A single window weight is just enough for calm days to use as an anchor, and it never comes up all nasty and weed covered like the other objects I have used in the past. For days that the wind picks up I actually use two or three more of them hooked to the first one with snap clips and it works great.

Currently I have a pile of these things, must be 40 or 50 of them, so more ideas for uses is great!

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I seem to remember this topic before, but i couldn't find it with the search function.

Are window sash weights cast? My sister and her husband replaced the old windows in their house and said they have a pile of weights if I want them. I haven't seen them and from the age of the house (about 1910) thought they could be either cast or wrought.

If anyone knows, please let me know.

The weather has turned in the west. 40 above today!


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They are usually cast and are the bottom of the barrel junk, when they would cast them they would use any kind of scrap and throw it in the pot so they were also very inconsistent as far as what type of alloy they were.
I have never seen or heard of wrought iron window weights but apperantly there are some out there but I have seen lead used but the difference between lead and iron is very obvious.


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I too was curious about the weights as I have a bunch of them from an old house build around 1890 I once owned and restored, I'm glad someone asked. I have a wide variety of sizes and weight and use them on occasion as weights to help tie or hold down a tarp. I keep them around for the heck of it kind of like an endangered species as the old houses start to go so do they, and yes they do make great trotline weights.

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