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  1. I get alot of charcoal from the stove in the way that JohnW already suggested. When there is a deep bed of coals in the stove, I'll take out a scoop full and give 'em a good spraying with a water spray bottle.
  2. The only reason there is to be at the forge every day is if you're a full time smith and it's your day job. If you're a hobbiest or part timer like me you can spend weeks away from the forge and still be a blacksmith at heart. Even the old time country smiths had to take time off to make hay, cut firewood, plant gardens, make babies, etc, etc.
  3. All that comes up from your link Glen is a small jpeg. to small to see.
  4. On the forge I'm using now I have a hair dryer for a blower with a dimmer switch for air control. It's just a rivet type forge so the hair dryer works pretty well, but I just acquired a Champion hand crank in excellent condition. I take it that a hand crank is a better blower by design, but would it be better enough to make up for the pretty much hands free air supply that I have now? When mounting a hand crank blower to a forge, for convenience, which hand do you set it up for? for example I'm right handed so I'm thinking I should be cranking the handle with my right hand so I can leave go of the handle and just pick up the hammer.
  5. I have galvinized fittings on my forge, and no problems. As suggested be well ventilated for the first couple of fires.
  6. Thanks guys, Alex Bealer made it sound alot easier. LOL
  7. I was reading through Alex Bealers book "The Art Of Blacksmithing", and I came across a small section on inlaying glass and thought that would be perfect for a project I'm working on but the small section in the book didn't go into much detail Has any of you done this? I'm looking for any advice, tips or tricks to help shorten the learning curve and to keep from ruining the whole project. Thanks
  8. I just acquired a Champion hand crank blower in excellent working condition. At a good price too! FREE! There is no model no# or even a patent no# but it was made for a portable forge. I'm cleaning it up and giving it a coat of paint and was wondering what the original color would have been?
  9. Jeff, the top die is held in place with a piece of plate steel(scrap from the side material) welded in place.
  10. I've finally made a guillotine tool, I'm pretty excited about it because it's my first one and I made it myself. I want to make a set of dies for fullering candle holders from 1 inch pipe but I'm not sure of the shape. (Heck I don't even know how to ask the question properly)
  11. Also if you live in an area with a good "heavy trucking" industry try Truck Repair Centres, especially the ones with spring shops. As bruce mentioned, they'll have a bin for "drops" and a dumpster out for scraps. A helpfull hint# Alot of times the boys that works in these shops will have a coffee fund set-up so one of them can make a coffee run to Starbucks or wherever at breaktime. Make a point of throwing a couple of bucks in the can whenever you stop in for something and get to know the workers themselves. You'll be amazed at what good pieces "just happens to fall" behind a machine and not be found until the next time you're there.
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