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  1. A couple weeks back, this beauty followed me home. I was shy $400, but I think I did ok. Almost 200lb. A bit of chipping and the cutting table is dished out.
  2. Alan, FYI cylinder mowers are still used quite a bit in correctional facilities. It allows for mowing grass by inmates within the walls without introducing flammable or explosive material such as gasoline or motor oil to the facility. And they're a bit unwieldy to use as melee weapons. You could maybe get a swing or two before you're too tired to continue.
  3. First pic is last trip to the scrap yard. Lots of coil springs, axles, drive shafts, etc. I've spark tested it and I'm gonna be a happy little tool maker for a while. Somewhere in there I thought I picked up a cannonball. Nope. 12lb shotput. I'll figure out a use for it. Second pic is the Lincoln that followed me home tonight. Couldn't resist the price.
  4. Stopped by my local Tractor Supply Co two weekends ago. They see me frequently enough that some of the girls recognize me on sight. As I was leaving, i noticed this pile of steel tube pallets sitting next to a couple piles of wood ones way in the corner of the parking lot. I approached a sales associate and asked what was being done with the pallets. He said, "You want them? Have at it. You can take anything over there. The pallets. The bushes." I thanked him, then ran home for the trailer. I'm slowly cutting these up into as much length as I can save. Square and rectangular tube steel. 1
  5. Frosty and Rockstar, I was afraid of that (not all there). I've got a decent drill press, assorted other tools, and as of late I'm tinkering with electric welding. Since I've got a substantial start on the tool, I'll see what I can make of it. Who doesn't like a good puzzle, right? Still open to suggestions. Thank you for what you've given me thus far.
  6. Hey folks, I was gifted a g2-style guillotine tool last weekend. The catch? It's never been assembled and I've never been in the same room as one of this design. The attached photo is every piece I received. Anybody out there have some diagrams of this going together? Thanks in advance. Bill
  7. I really like the look of the larger hardie cutoff. What did you use for steel?
  8. Mr. Porter,

    I was referred to your threads on burners and gassers by Frosty. In a word: Enthralling.

    Im looking to purchase your book "Gas burners for Forges, furnaces and kilns" to help with my own gasser build. I'm electing to BUY as opposed to downloading the PDF (credit where credit is due!). Do you have a preferred vendor to assure you get your cut? (I'm seeing several vendors carrying it NEW on Amazon).

    thanks in advance,


  9. I heard back from the Office of General Services, through whom I made a FOIL request regarding this matter. Response: They have no records for the ironwork in question.
  10. Update: I contacted the state archives. They put me in contact with the NYS Office of General Services (OGS) which deals with any outside contractors, etc. OGS needed a FOIA request, which I emailed them. Several weeks later, I received email from my contact at OGS - unfortunately no records as such could be found. Both the state archives and the OGS rep seemed genuinely interested in this endeavor. I'm not done yet. I'm going to do some sketches of some of these pieces so I can share them with you folks. Photography inside a state correctional facility requires major approval from Albany.
  11. Here's a small example of that I'm talking about. Wrought iron decorative screws/nails that adorn heavy wooden exterior doors. You just don't put this kind of effort into a prison these days. Guess I'm going to have to contact Albany for permission to research it. There's so much more. Will share when I'm able.
  12. I'm currently a corrections officer at Attica prison in western NY. I have questions about some of the architectural ironwork that is original to the facility and who might be responsible for them. (I'll try to get some photos when available, but without SUPER SPECIAL permission from the ivory palace, a camera is verboten.) Construction for the facility was completed in 1931. Obviously in 83 years, many things have changed. However, there are certain LARGE gates, railings, etc. that are original to the 1930's. There are many of these around the facility in various areas, including the area
  13. Hey gang! I'm in an interesting quandry. I recently transferred to ATTICA CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. I spent a brief time there when I first got the job, and almost 11 years later I've returned. Since I'm "new to the jail", I'm spending a lot of time as MISCELLANEOUS - meaning I'm bouncing from job to job all over getting the lay of the land. As such I've noticed some of the great old iron work in various places in the facility. Unfortunately for me, cameras are banned without express written permission from Albany - so I can only describe or possibly draw and scan what I see for you. Att
  14. Thanks Bentiron and Hammernhand. I'll keep at it. Now that our weather up here is clear enough for me to trudge through the weeds, it might be worth a stop soon. Bill
  15. When I was in the 25th Infantry Division (Light), I had the opportunity to train with Nepalese Ghurkas. Tough little buggers! Tough as they come. And they liked to give these handmade Kukuris as gifts as well as trade them for "kit" (mil. equipment). I received one as a gift and traded for two others. I've since given the other two away as gifts and kept one for myself. Its one of the best tools I own. I carry it under the seat of my truck (hey, you never know). I just thought I'd get ahold of some old truck leaf springs and try my hand at it sometime. Thanks for the info so far.
  16. Does anyone know how kukuris are made? I'm interested specifically in the process by which it gets its unique shape and curve. Anyone? Anyone?
  17. Antigoth - Nice project. Pics are great! (You drink your chocolate milk right from the jug, don't ya?) Just a couple questions about the historical value of the item: Is it accurate to a certain period? Would they have used a ball of straw and pitch or something held in the "cage" to be the "incendiary" part? I'm missing a few references on mideval weaponry right now (loaned out) so its a little difficult to look up. Thanks again, Keeplokd
  18. Hey Gang! Long time no see. I've really missed this thread. Always gave me new ideas of what to look for when I'm out scrounging. Now I'm known to do a brake-stand in my pickup on a busy highway to retrieve the odd bit of metal. Well... maybe not THAT bad. I've seen for some time what I consider a trajedy. I think I've identified an old "railroad forge" complete with firepot and built-in water trough sitting in the weeds at a nearby house. I once stopped and left word and note with his son, but never received a call. The kid's countenance doesn't scream "rocket scientist" so I doubt
  19. Hello Ladies and Gents! After a prolonged absence, I'm back online. I had to replace my computer... took me a while with everything else around the house breaking down. Had a great time doing blacksmithing demos for the New York State Fair last year. Not sure if I'll have time to do it this year as I transferred to a new work location. The new look is fantastic. Can't wait to see the rest of the board. Bill
  20. Atticka - working on it. cooper - I'd have to get this news on the 7th anniversary of 9/11, wouldn't I? It would just be my luck to run "outlaw" and something (God forbid) happens. I'd rather be out of my hobby than out of a house. Bill
  21. Well folks, here's for trying to do things the RIGHT way! I had to pay on my truck insurance today. I stopped in and sat down with one of the nice ladies in the office. When that was done, I asked, "Since I'm here, let me ask you something about my homeowner's policy..." I won't bore you with the whole conversation, but the key words of MY end were: "hobby shop; garage separated from house by many yards; blacksmithing; coal or propane forge; mother-may-I?" Her end of it: "free-standing fire; immediate cancellation; NO." She even checked with the underwriters to see (without givin
  22. That's quite the gasser Frosty! Is that your design or is there a book I should be looking for? Variable volume... very nice. works well, then? Bill
  23. Racer3j: No fooling about "it is a different time". My dad tells of a time when he could bring his deer gun to school to store in his locker while he was at class. Either he was hunting before or after school. I can remember hearing about some schools when I was younger having shooting teams. No more of that! Although Frosty's governor may be our next VP (hope hope) and possibly the FIRST Lady Prez! Bill
  24. Nice job on the video! Too bad my connection is so slow. I started the download and got my daughter off the bus and such before coming back and viewing the whole thing. Good One! Bill
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