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  1. That is the way to go I buy my steel from Kelly. if you have an auto spring house near by that is a good place to buy 5160 that is a good steel for you to make a knife out of . it is not a good idea to use scrap for making knives it is best to use new steel and to know what you have so you know how to heat treat it. if you are new to knife making I would ask kelly for some 1065 we call it fool prof steel as it is very easy to get a good heat treat. quench at 1550 temper at 395. good luck
  2. If they are round then they might be cast but if they are square then they might be wrought and it would be a shame to not use the wrought.
  3. Thats funny Larry I'm gonna get you for that
  4. Bill I will not tell you what things can sell for but I will tell that to have the most fun at a show like that I would only take money if they did not have something to trade. just think S hook 3 eggs fire poker tow beers candle holder for a massage now your have fun. and hay that is why your doing it . and that would be more in line with how a blacksmith would have been payed back in the day.just a thought
  5. Thank you all. I love making knives and one day it will be all that i do. Grant you don't need to heat treat the hardware just the blade and that I acid etch after I sand it to 500.
  6. yes I made the damascus and like i said it is fire etch you sand the part to 400 finish put it back in the fire and raise the grain. clean with wire wheel and repeat until you love it wire wheel blue and wax. as for making the scroll I did it the old way with my hammer and tongs and a pice of wrought 5/8 x 5/8 x2-3/4 long
  7. well I caught up on my work so i filled a knife order. More fun then work it is feather pattern damascus fire etch wrought iron and stag
  8. that hammer looks bigger then I remember I got run this hammer years ago when mike had it it had a nice touch. it is good to see it get such a good home.
  9. Ya that is cool Grant and it is very cool to see Jesse hear and getting into blacksmithing. That is the first shop I have seen that is cooler then Larry's, sorry Larry. Jesse if you ever make it out here to seattle I would be glad to spend a day with you running big hammers. yea I am a fan. But if you want to make killer damascus that would look great on your Bikes I could Help check it out at www.davidlisch.com
  10. on the fifth day of christmas my true love gave to me Five brand new files four hammers swinging, Three Golden Tong Rings, Two swage block for forming, and an anvil on a big ole stump! __________________
  11. Larry just checked it out very cool play time must the best at your shop look at all them toys.
  12. Thank you ALL. The big balls are brass the small balls are brass brushed making the sides fit the brick line was not easy if you ever need to do one like this. make a thin wood one fit first then mark a line on it that shows square to the floor. take it back to the shop scribe it to your steel take a grinder with you when go to check your fit.
  13. well this is my last job for this year I think I will spend the rest of the year making knives. The andirons are from 100 years old made of wrought iron. they were covered in rust and falling apart. the back part is all new. I had to leave one side off until I put it in as it would not fit any other way.
  14. They sound like they would be the right size for the top ball on a coat rack taper a 1/2" round down to 1/4" wild the ball on spared the other end and make a hook but 4 of them on a 4x4 make a quick base your in the chip's send the rest to me.
  15. well I did not take a pic but I a very large pile of right handy gloves and I could not find a left hand glove I think there is a troll that lives under the same bridge my shop is under and he has 8 left hands and a key to my shop.
  16. Bill put your glasses on thats me in the picture by the sign, the good looking bald guy.
  17. Thanks all yes it says snowhomish and that is a pip i think i bought it from king, and i forged the shape it the bottom of it. you can see where I worked it.
  18. I thought I would show you some pic's of my last fun job. I think you can see why it was fun, I made two of them. so for the scrolls it was make one fit then make 3 more just like it. I would like to thank Bill Larry and Tom for there help. for me it was hard not to start jumping up and down when I saw the pic of what the client wanted. the sweet gal working the carne is my wife Andrea who helps with all the work at the shop.
  19. Thanks George. I will jump in with both feet.
  20. Man I dig the spike handle on your brushes. I will bring my camera to the shop today and take of a pic of a pile of something .
  21. Your right Doug and I learned it from him at a demo with NWBA long time ago. I have done it with steel and it is a lot of fun.
  22. I love you Grant that cracked me up.
  23. IF you are tempering I would worry more about the spcs for that steel. for ex if you put a bar of 1084 in the oven for 3 hours at 390 after hardening it will turn gold and it will be temper to about 58 rockwell but if you just take your torch and run it up to a gold color you will find that if you test them both the torch bar is still way to hard. good temper takes time.
  24. Hi Larry the copper I used was thin about 30 tho but it works with thicker stock its just a little harder to make the folds. the small one take less then 10 min witch is about how long I want to spend on gifts for relatives.