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  1. What happened? Did you get the hammer? Love to see some pics if you did.
  2. I think I'm just going to stop posting. <_< I didn't see the bolt-on portion of peacock's statement. Duh
  3. Smoothbore, that has to be the best explanation of acetylene cutting I've read. Thanks!
  4. So even though the cogged belt doesn't have as much surface area and obviously no teeth to engage on the pulley it works better than two A belts? BTW, is this a picture of the gear for a cogged belt?
  5. Actually, didn't know there was a recommended belt size. Just figured more contact area was better. Also, I was up at Sid's seminar and the belkts looked wider than A on the rebuild we did. But, your logic is understandable. Thanks
  6. I'm rebuilding a 25 LG and have a 1hp motor with a 7/8" shaft. I'd like to use a double pulley with the widest possible belts, 3" pitch diameter. So far, all I've found is one for an "A" belt. Does anyone have a lead on a wider sheave?
  7. I have lots (over 200). I'll post a few. If anyone has a good way to share I'm listening.
  8. Dang! I didn't see this until I got back. Where were you sitting?
  9. The shaft on the Little Giant is a standard 1.75". What was it on yours? Looking forward to the pics!
  10. Anyone else going to Sid's seminar next weekend?
  11. Beautiful work. I think Sid will also do this kind of work as well. My wallet's glad I don't need that done. :rolleyes:
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