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Very Sad Day....

Jerry W.

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My son Jim (occasionally on this site as Soldierspud) is in the army, stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Yesterday, he boarded the plane to Afghanistan. He is scheduled for a twelve month deployment. Please keep him and all of those in the military, here and abroad in your prayers.
Many Thank,
Jerry :(

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You got it man, there is a site called "adopt a soldier" have him sign up for it, or do it for him, it puts people in touch with soldiers, you can do it by email, share all kinds of stuff, and it allows us to show our gratitude. My Soldier Jaimie, was blown away that I included him in the grace prayer at our memorial day picnic, it is a wonderful way to share thoughts and feelings with those protecting us in distant lands!! I would ask all the like minded smiths on this site to consider it, these people need our support.

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Will put your son on prayer list, and the other's are already there.
I got a good friend that came over yesterday, And he has done four tour's of duty over in the Middle east, He brought me a Knife that he got over there when he was there the last time, and give me a good deal on it, A Nickle, plus he fixed me up with some bolt bins for my little smithy. Ron's like a brother to me. He showed me the Case pocket knife I sold him for a penny and let me know that it goes everywhere with him . He has a problem that he got from the war that he was involved in over there, He shakes real bad. He will Retire from the Army this coming fall. Yes Boy's we need to pray for our boy's over there. .
There's a group of old Soldier's that go to the Military Bases and give the Soldiers Hero Welcomes when they come back. I can't think of the name of the group, I think I saw it on 60 Minutes, I don't have time with the Job I have to be there ,But if I did I would be right there with them welcoming the Brave Soldiers home.

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Like everyone else, I'm also with you on this one...one of my sons went to Iraq in 2007 and was severely wounded in Feb of 2008. Fortunately, he's back up and moving around so was able to return to active duty. His physical condition was downgraded and they will have to eventually change his MOS but we are eternally thankful he came home to us.

I pray daily for all of our servicemen and women who risk their lives for the rest of us.


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