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  1. What is the need for precision? Why is the precision applied to the idle circuit and not the main line?
  2. So maybe this will clear itself up when I fire it up and start messing around with settings but it is still unclear what the advantages are. I mean it would have saved a sizable chunk of cash to have just put the mechanical stop in. I have spent about 25 man hours searching online and in various supply houses and big box stores to source enogh parts to build the darn thing. My time is worth money too this forge just got real expensive. I am certain I won’t regret all the time money and effort I have spent into this build. Mikey your book is a blessing.
  3. My first post here on IFI in quite sometime...years even. I was showing my partner the manifold assembly I have put together for my new/first gasser and her first question was “Why use a needle vaulve instead of another ball vaulve” in reference to my idle circuit. I told her because I had seen everyone else doing this but that I could not give her a real answer to her question. I have googled and search here and found nothing in the topic so ladies and gents I am all ears.
  4. Facebook is good for something every now and then it pointed me in the direction of the following page. Picture shows; a sword (bent), anvil, two hammer heads, and the prize (to me at least) an axe head with some awesome langits. Link> http://irisharchaeology.ie/2014/09/viking-blacksmiths-grave-uncovered-in-norway/ Discuss and Enjoy! Merging this into the existing thread on this
  5. archiphile

    Pen holder

    nice both the holder and you italic script. would love more pic as i too am a pen nut.
  6. I have Mark's first two books and will be getting the third one soon as i can. Truly a fantastic smith.
  7. Mark Aspery, Adan Howard, and other fine smiths are going to be at the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne New York. <http://www.adirondackfolkschool.org/afs/index.php?m=CatPage&catid=5> This is a new organization and the folks there are just fantastic. I just signed up for most of the week's classes and can't wait to see all of you there! P.S. I suppose that I should mention that many of these courses have no one signed up yet.
  8. I will say this: that after four years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars building our barn make certain that you can get a heating source that is sized for the space. We put pex in the tack room, just a small 12'x12' ( 144 sq ft.) space. It is the only room with insulation and heat. We were planning to use our tankless hot water heater but found that it is too inefficient and ALL of the boilers on the marked are sized for running entire houses in short we hat to purchase a second in room heater to use as there is not anything currently on the market that will run that small a space efficiently. I hope everything works out well for your project.
  9. I was on my way out to feed the horses when I heard "Blacksmith" over the radio airwaves and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I marched over to the receiver and excitedly listened to "Mr. Trigonometry"(a.k.a. Mark Aspery) talk about our trade.
  10. http://www.npr.org/2012/06/03/154226599/blacksmiths-forge-a-new-kind-of-artisanal-future THIS so AWESOME!!
  11. Umm, I think you'll find that that was actually the question--what applications might a blacksmith find for it? But I guess it is more fun to be superior without providing any actual information sometimes.... (I should add that I'm curious too--never worked with the stuff, don't know what I'd do with it, but it sounds interesting!)
  12. Amazon has lab grade FeCh for roughly $31/pound
  13. @Thomas Powers: I am from New Mexico but I am living in New England at the moment. @bnewberry: Thanks I just found them. Incidentally one knife is going to some friends to enable them to slaughter their chickens with something that will hold and edge well. The second of the two is going to my son for giftmas.
  14. Hi all, I just ordered some steel and such I was wondering what y'all use for adhesives to affix your scales and where one might find rivets or some other method of attaching scales?
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