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  1. there is also a low carbon steel 1117 :confused:
  2. High-Strength Easy-to-Machine 1144 Carbon Steel Also known as stressproof. This medium-carbon steel offers good strength, while added sulfur gives it good machinability. mcmaster.com or much more at http://www.niagaralasalle.com/products/stressproof.html
  3. depends if there is enough carbon in the steel. first heat a piece in a torch until red/orange and quench in water or oil see if it hardened.........if yes try it with two links and go from there.
  4. McMaster-Carr very good source in general compounds the best for wood ime http://www.stewmac.com/shopby/product/3170
  5. johnptc

    Ironwood EDC

    i thought it only grew in the desert ??? cover the ends with wax to reduce rapid moisture loss
  6. i am looking for a design to be able to idle my blown burner. anybody have a successful design ??
  7. sounds like a nice anvil....... with pics you can get a fair value estimate here. nice anvils are always in demand :)
  8. i thought it was to allow the blade to be removed after stabbing .... it allowed air to enter the wound as the blade is withdrawn so a vacuum wont form.....or so i heard :confused:
  9. a smaller set works great for dragging pallets in a truck to the tailend :)
  10. johnptc

    Which New Lathe

    they look like the same machine ????
  11. you can also install a CO monitor to make sure all is well. not expensive :)
  12. will your torch melt the sheet metal.......... if so you could probably weld with it rather than braze. nothing wrong with brazing......the metal needs to be red hot to melt the brazing rod.
  13. what type of metal ??? how thick ?? generally a small torch tig or mig will all work. for aluminum special flux is required for torch welding.
  14. without the math bend the first piece a little long and measure the results and you are good to go. note the length of the bar and the start point of the bend. when you have bent it you will know the gain/loss for the next pieces. i have bent a lot of tubing and always found a single test piece more accurate the the math. ime
  15. ok 4 inch lead very fast........... i have an experienced machinist i will ask .........
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