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Found 6 results

  1. Let me know if this is not the right place. Trying to identify this anvil that was my wifes grandpa's Thanks, Peter
  2. 8So I bought this anvil a few weeks ago and cleaned it up today but i'm still trying to find what make so maybe someone here could help me. It's arround 250 kilograms and the only markings that are on the anvil are the letters AK2 Thanks in advance
  3. Hey all so I just bought my first I hope anvil but it looks like it is an unfinished casting as I can see a parting line all the way around and the face is peaked as well as seeing casting flash in the hardy hole I see no markings on it at all but then again it has a thin layer of paint and some somewhat significant pitting or could be something else. Previous owner thought it might have been a blemished cast or possibly a bad cast that caused the pitting the parting line goes all the way around the anvil and is the length of the face. Haven't weighed it yet but the previous owner said between 200-250lbs. Seems to ring OK but have yet to hit it with a hammer. You guys have any ideas? Will try to post pics tomorrow. Here's to hoping I didn't buy scrap.
  4. I live on a farm house and the barn next to me is full of old equipment. The main thing that caught my eye was the belt grinder. The entire thing is rusted. Keep in mind I know next to nothing about these things. I would absolutely need to rewire it and clean it up thoroughly but I'm wondering if it is doable for someone who has no experience. hopefully this imgur link works. if anyone can give me more info on this thing I'd appreciate it https://imgur.com/gallery/KvwwR
  5. Hi everyone, I've lurked on these forums here and there, but I decided to actually make an account now that I've received my first anvil...s My uncle contacted me a few months after I asked him to keep a look out for any anvils he might see. He works at a scrap recycling plant and sees scrap come through all the time. So I went to go see him (unfortunately did *not* bring my truck) and he gave me 2 anvils that were brought in to be melted down. One being a ~35ish lbs anvil made from what looks to be a railroad track. The other is a big ass anvil that feels like it weighs like 150ish lbs. I was barely able to get it into the neon and we had to use my father's car lift to get it out of the trunk. Maybe it's just awkward to hold, but it seems heavier than 150 lbs. So, I wanted to clean it up a bit because someone said I should check for welds and cracks. I cleaned off the loose bits with a fine cupped wire-brush with a hand drill and used evapo-rust and a tight woven cotton rag (old clothes) to clean the surfaces. I hosed it off with water while fighting the dog off me (swear that dog was a puma in a past life with her love for water) and rubbed a small amount of boiled linseed oil into the metal, which made the anvil really look nice and shows the amount of blood, sweat and iron that's gone over it. I frickin' love the worn but shiny look to it now. So, after looking it over and doing some research online, it looks like a Peter Wright anvil... But I'm brand new to this, so I can most definitely be wrong. The latter pictures are the ones I've taken of the symbols, which one looks like a nordic rune almost, embedded with a chisel. The others look to be in exact placement as the Peter Wright anvils but without the importation stamps... Which from some of my research would indicate that this anvil was imported before 1903 where these stamps were required...? Anyways, has anyone ever seen this kind of anvil before? I'd love to know everything about it since it's going to be an integral tool for myself.
  6. I'm always looking around to see if there are any good tools to score. And recently I stumbled across this anvil. A decent 500 # sized anvil. I'm not sure what kind of a pattern it is. It seems like a mix a German pattern and an English pattern. I tried to look up what kind of type it is, but all I could find was that it was a "industrial German type of anvil. Another thing that makes this anvil special is that the upsetting block is on the opposite side than it usually is. This makes- the anvil more or less "left handed". Doesn't matter for me though, as I'm ambidextrous. Well, here's the anvil. From the striker's side. From the smith's side. Picture from behind the striker's position.
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