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Found 14 results

  1. A friend of mine found this anvil while antiquing. He knew I would be interested and contacted me. I know it's worn but boy does it have character. And the price was right at $150. I may keep it as is and just use it from time to time. My other anvil doesn't have a Hardy hole so this one will come in handy for that. The other option is to fix it but I don't think it would be worth the expense. If anybody recognizes this old girl and can provide info that would be helpful! I don't know looks like an anvil out of an old SEARS Roebuck catalog.
  2. The gas is still good right
  3. Please help with identifying this anvil. I recently purchased it for cheap ($150), while knowing it had a crack. When I got it home, I put it in the electrolysis bin and wire brushed it. I still can't gleam too much information off it. I can see two 1's and a 2 (read 121). I weighed it on a bathroom scale and it weighs 156 pounds. It does not have a pritchel hole. The hardie hole is 1 inch. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer. Also, the crack extends from top of table, down through and is about 40% to 50% through the width. Paperweight or use it until it busts?
  4. Hey y'all, I'm pretty green to the world of blacksmithing but decided it was time to start buying some equipment. I had the chance jump at me to buy a fairly nice looking anvil for a good price at a farm auction and took the plunge. Thing is I can't find a whole lot about it. It appears to be forged but I can't find a reliable maker's mark on the whole thing. All I am able to see is the chiseled initials JTH. On the reverse side is chiseled 1-1-18 followed by 7115. Now the first set number initially screamed hundredweight marking, 158lbs, except that the anvil sadly only weighed 102lbs on the
  5. Hello, I recently posted about this old Coal Forge in a previous forum but I was wondering the best ways that I could repair this fire pan and the bottom of the blower here. The piece is pretty rusted and I'm worried that if I try to rebolt the piece together it might break. Any thoughts on fixing? And also lining the pan with clay? What should be the procedure for that?
  6. Hello, I wanted to post this on the forums because I have a lot of questions and I'm sure someone will know the answers. I tried to look up some information up online with no luck. So here you guys go: 1: Is this piece rare and desired by the blacksmithing community? 2: How much would this piece be sold for? 3: What is the history behind this piece if any? Thank you so much for your time and if you want I'd be more than happy to reply to anything said. Mitch
  7. Hi everyone, I've lurked on these forums here and there, but I decided to actually make an account now that I've received my first anvil...s My uncle contacted me a few months after I asked him to keep a look out for any anvils he might see. He works at a scrap recycling plant and sees scrap come through all the time. So I went to go see him (unfortunately did *not* bring my truck) and he gave me 2 anvils that were brought in to be melted down. One being a ~35ish lbs anvil made from what looks to be a railroad track. The other is a big ass anvil that feels like it weighs like 150ish lbs. I
  8. I was on this forum a while back when I first got my Anvil looking for basic information about it. I bought it from a guy who found it in a old barn formerly owned by a oilfield business owner from the mid 90s. Anyway I paid 150 for it not knowing anything about it, but obviously now I know it was well worth it. I know it's a 321 pound Peter Wright Anvil and I'm guessing it's from the early 1900s but that is what I'm wondering about. I will never get rid of this thing as I've fallen in love with it lol but I would really like to know more about this individual model anvil and more about Peter
  9. I got this hammer off an auction website for $20 The face on it was a bit munted so today I set about making it a bit more useable and shiny. I am unfamiliar on what the peen on it would be used for though. Any ideas?
  10. Wow, What a find. I heard about this forge through my son. His friend had mentioned that these people didn't know what to do with it and were going to junk it. It had been one of their grandfather's. I contacted the friend and he even delivered it to me. As you can see, it's going to need some work but it'll be a labor of love. I also need some advice. I realize I should probably clay it although it shows no evidence of having been clayed. Does anyone have ideas of how thick I should make it? Should I bring it up to the fire pot? I'd appreciate any advice.
  11. Hey guys, I acquired an anvil a while ago that is in very rough shape and I don't really know anything about it other than it is so worn that i can't use it the way it is. My main question is what kind of metal is it made of is it cast iron, or cast steel or something else? I have some ideas for repairing it but I don't know if i want to even bother trying to repair it if it is cast iron. I did a rebound test on it and it seemed to get about about 50 percent with a ball peen hammer but maybe i was doing it wrong. it doesn't sound exactly like several pieces of cast iron that I hit but it def
  12. I have just recently gotten the Blacksmithing Bug, and I was wondering what all you guys thought of my attempt/idea for a forge. For the Forge/Smelter/Fire Box I plan on using an old Cole Heated Water Heater it is cast iron, has a swinging grate for ash, and is about the same size around as a brake drum (which was my first idea for the forge). For a blower I have an 1880's cast iron blower, the Buffalo Blower #3 that needs a LOT of TLC ] but will be well worth it once its finished. The reason I am using these things is because they were FREE (best price) my in-laws had them ro
  13. This is what I want to be at his age. Tired but not retired.
  14. Hey everyone, I hope your all doing well. I was digging through some of my stuff in storage when we moved it home and found something that I forgot I had. Its a forged "chopping" style blade. I found it when my Dad and I were looking for native arrow heads and stuff like that. Do any of you have an idea on the age of something like this? sorry the pictures are so big.
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