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  1. what can I say I got extremely lucky
  2. the clinker breaker goes up and down, so it kind of functions as a clinker breaker but not like the ones you see often in the USA. In terms of the power, I at home have a 3 phase supply (3x 230V) with already 1 400V output going to my kitchen because I cook electrically, I'm no electrician so don't quote me on this but I think they take an output from the 3 phase and hook them up to a fuse box that will bring it down to 400V. as I said, don't quote me on it, i'm just gonna let the electrician do his work, as long as i'll get my power current. *Edit* I also looked on my Kwh meter, there you can often see if you have single phase or 3 phase/power current, it said 3x230 V/ 400V, so I think he just has to hook it up and run the cable to my desired spot.
  3. As I said I pratically stole it I would have easilly paid 400+ euros for it
  4. yes, it's run on a 400 volt connection, it's a single speed motor but there is an air valve (you can see the small rod in the 3rd picture that is connected to the air valve on the connection between the blower and the hearth sole ) I have an electrician coming over on monday or tuesday to run a 400 V output
  5. So I recently picked up a 'new' 2nd hand forge. From what I could see on first hand is that is is quite a good shape, the last owner said that his dad gave it to him brand new a couple of years ago and that he'd wanted to get in to blacksmithing, tried it out and found out it wasn't for him, and he had it sitting in his workshop for a few years and decided to sell it. I paid 165 euros for it and it works like a dream. I am extremely happy with my purchase, I practically stole it from him
  6. One luck that I have here in Europe, You can get really solid heavy anvils in good shape dirt cheap
  7. I did a rebound test when it still had all the rust on it, I'd say it was about 60% i'm gonna do a new one in a few days. I'm going to use it in my small backyard shop to make knives, hammers ect. The guy that I bought it from had to get rid of it because he was moving so I got it for an absolute steal (320 euros) And as far as the condition goes, it has a couple of pits in the work face but not a lot, the rest in still in amazing condition, the corners are really straight and look beautifull (Hera are 2 photosfrom before I removed the rust)
  8. *Update* So far I have found out that is was produces somewhere mid 1800's Further I know nothing
  9. 8So I bought this anvil a few weeks ago and cleaned it up today but i'm still trying to find what make so maybe someone here could help me. It's arround 250 kilograms and the only markings that are on the anvil are the letters AK2 Thanks in advance
  10. So I bough my new anvil today, it was an absolute steal, all I know is that i's a German anvil weighing arround 250 kilos (551 pound) and I bought it for 320 euros, so I pratically stole it from the guy, but I don't know the make and i'd really like to know if anyone knows a little bit more about it. Thanks in advace, Dutch Blacksmith
  11. First of all let me introduce myself, My name is Christian, 16 years old and I am from the Netherlands, I've been blacksmithing for about half a year now, mostly making simple knives. My question is, does anyone know what are very common items (like rasps or springs) that contain nickel? I really want to try my hand at making Damascus for my knives. I find it very challenging to find the right steels I need for my work, that is also why I use leaf springs for all my knives. Thanks in advance for everyone's help
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