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Scored a nice unusual anvil, 500 pounds

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I'm always looking around to see if there are any good tools to score. And recently I stumbled across this anvil.
A decent 500 # sized anvil. I'm not sure what kind of a pattern it is. It seems like a mix a German pattern and an English pattern.
I tried to look up what kind of type it is, but all I could find was that it was a "industrial German type of anvil.

Another thing that makes this anvil special is that the upsetting block is on the opposite side than it usually is. This makes-
the anvil more or less "left handed". Doesn't matter for me though, as I'm ambidextrous.

Well, here's the anvil.

From the striker's side.

From the smith's side.

Picture from behind the striker's position.

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I have a book called "a Blacksmiths Travel Album 1994" in the beginning there is a section thas has a reprint of a Refflinghaus catalogue from the turn of the 20th century. The closest thing in there is the #10 it is called "Luttcher mit doppel horn, und staunch". This roughly translates to Belgan pattern anvil with an upsetting block and square horn out of witch projects a round horn, or the kind of horn commonly found on london pattern anvils. I could not tell you what exatly makes an anvil, a Belgiun anvil.

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ID think of it as a Right hand anvil Smiths I know with that kind of anvil like having the upseting block on the neer side keeps them from having to reach over and makes it easer to see whats happening .

Very nice anvil :)

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