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  1. so if I do decide to drill it what is the most common size for a pritchell?
  2. I didn't get into town yesterday we had some farm equipment break yesterday so spent all day fixing that. will try to stop in before work today or tomorrow.
  3. don't know just getting started and prior to this I just used a piece of rail. So I guess the better question might have been how often is the pritchell actually used and is it worth it to drill it?
  4. next question one I get it flattened out would it be worth drilling a pritchell into it.
  5. just for my own humor does anyone know or have an idea as to which anvil this could have been molded from?
  6. will do, I think I will do another rebound test when I get it ground down to see if it's any better with a flat surface.
  7. thank you guys for all the info and advice, will try to get at least some progress made today, will also try to get pictures throughout the process.
  8. will try to buy some more flap wheels tomorrow I have a few now but they are 80 grit so should be good for finishing. Will also stop by the local machine shop and see what they would ding me to flatten it.
  9. Good idea but we don't have any in my area, will probably have to go through a machine shop.
  10. Already bought it, so it's mine now whatever I do with it.
  11. Here's a ring test of the Anvil. And here's a spark test. So then the other question also becomes am I better off trying to sell this off to somebody as garden art or just use it until I have money for a better one. Also going to assume this guy isn't worth very much given all the casting flaws would that be a correct assumption?
  12. Bearing test with a half inch bearing dropped from about 10" yielded about 50% rebound was difficult to gauge because of all the pitting the bearing more often than not flew away. Tried it with my 4 pound hammer and yeielded similar results from 4". Took pictures as well as a video of a spark test with a piece of known steel and a piece of known cast iron as well. Found some body filler crammed into a big void down near the base. Is this a mark of the beast? Lots of pictures hope you can give me some good news.