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  1. ID think of it as a Right hand anvil Smiths I know with that kind of anvil like having the upseting block on the neer side keeps them from having to reach over and makes it easer to see whats happening . Very nice anvil :)
  2. Most likly a German Trenton they had the steps on the feet like the Peter wright Early ones May have been made by Hay Budden I am not an expert but just looked at a German Farriers anvil owned by a collector and got a lesson including the info on the steps on feet. Chuck
  3. When I make them I use 5 petals per layer 2 layers the first being a little longer than the second lay out the petals ( I forge mine out of 1/4 x 1 usually) make them taper to base ( MIDLE) I weld them together leaving a hole for the stem forge stem to allow petal package to slid on but not all-the way down leaving about 1 inch weld the first package Place second - smaller package ( the differences in length allow for the greater distance the first have to travel ) weld second package - now start bending up petals like you would tighten lug-nuts on a wheel ( onside then do opposite) work around the second package until it is fairly tight. Start first package but start in a different place and alternate one side to another being sure to tuck each petal under the next so that they lay one over the other all the way round (( do this on both sets) Now start peeling the exposed edge back a little as a real rose might look . or you could cut each set a petals from a sheet - I like the forged look so that it does not look too commercial - using steel I end up with about 4 pounds of rose. more like a weapon . Here is one I made for my sister from one piece of steel No welding I started with two identical pieces one ended up being the rose leaf and the other the base.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions I have followed up on each - Only reply was from John McLlean $ 25 per bagged 50 pound bag a little hugh for our use I have 10-18 students and when they want to play in the fire they would eat that up fast. WE normally use Propane but may be moving to solid fuel I tried Corn ( Yes Corn read about it hear but not working so good in the sideblast and it smoked up the place!! Bad) Charcoal has too many fire flys for our set up ( indoors) the Coke i Have burns very smoke free and I will go that way. Thanks again. Chuck
  5. HI I would like to get a ton of coke if I can, I live in CA but willing to ship- or drive up to 500 miles. I live in < or neer > Sacramento CA If you have any suggestions ...... Thanks Chuck
  6. Hi I am in Plymouth CA just between Sacrameno and Jackson Chuck
  7. Thanks Here is a pic of the top of the knife It looks flat in the other pics And my next one once I decide if I want to make a saw section or a flat grind in that area. Thanks again Chuck
  8. Thanks I'll keep trying I mostly make damascus The Tanto thing is the easest for me to free hand which is why I make them that way. The wood is Cocobolo - or a derivitive . we used to have an exotic wood guy here in Sactramento it was great to be able to walk in and get whatever I wanted. He moved to OR and our other local wood place closed so I will have to do it on line - or I have been thinking of making my own micarta I like the look of the levi stuff. Chuck
  9. My Brother has been bugging me for a knife I asked him if there was something he had in mind and he said he liked one I built for a nephew - I'm old and have CRS so I just went and did it my way which is never the same . Started with 1x1 1085 ( I was told it was that dont know I bought it at a Blacksmith convention ) Used Oil to harden I dont have any heat treating equipment so I just guess I know my detail work is...... well poor I dont build enough knives to pratcice I decided to make it a combo horizontal and belt sheath . I can hit things with a hammer But the leather work took as long as the blade . Thanks Chuck
  10. I have seen drawings of the tweer ? but I need advice on how far off the bottom should I set the outlet? And just how big should the fire box be ( I'm not working on RR wheels Just Hammers Knives and such Nothing so large one person cant lift it. I'm commited to side blast because I have to use Coak not Coal due to the smoke when starting coal. ( Neighbors > UG) Thanks Chuck
  11. Hi I have a running Common sense it's not in place but when needed I run power to it . It's a #1 if somebody needs pics or measurments.... I have mine running from a midway motor running up to a jackshaft and down to Hammer. works quite well for it's size. Chuck
  12. Maybe there is no left or right ? But after a very long time of anvil use and production someone in 186? asked for a Clip horn for farriers and the Makers decided it was right handed and should face to the left. Really hard to make a clip while facing it. so I believe that since they were the makers and had been making and using anvils they should know which way they should face. I'v tried using a left handed anvil and can't But hey I could be wrong. Chuck
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