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Found 6 results

  1. So I am very new to blacksmithing, in that I haven't really done much of it. Although a few months ago after building a forge I went and purchased an anvil. I didn't know how much it weighed at first, the smith who sold it to me probably told me, but I saw 1 1 2 imprinted on the anvil and assumed that was the weight. Turns out I think it actually says 1 1 21 which may be the date? I'm not sure. Anyway it's a 155 pound pretty positive wrought iron anvil with a steel face. It has a few small pits on the face and one decent chip between the hardy and pritchel, and one side is pretty indented, but for me and what I paid it's more than perfect. I need to get the paint off to try and identify the other imprints on it but I don't know how. Incase anyones wondering I paid $300 which turns out to like $1.93/lb which with the wear on it I think is fair, if anything the smith gave me a first timers deal. At the very least it's market value so he wasn't trying to rip me off like the others. And yes, I'm pretty sure he told me what the maker was but I don't really want to call and bother him for something so menial. Plus I love the input on this site.
  2. I have thrown some pretty difficult tools out to you and you've done a great job figuring them out. Now here's what should be an easy one... I have some diagonal pliers, fairly ordinary, but they have a maker's name (I believe) on the side of the handle that I am unfamiliar with. It looks like IMMOFF & LAN or IMHOFF, I'm not sure. I can't find that maker's name in any of my reference books, nor can Google help (again), If anyone has heard of pliers made by this company please let me know. Thanks very much. If you are more interested in ID-ing photos than discussing makers, I have one for you, check the next post. Tool Gal
  3. So in the way of an introduction, My name is Robert. I live just north of Fox, Alaska with my wife Kristine and a spoiled Chocolate Lab named Brandy. We live off-grid, haul our water and poop in a bucket when it's -40'f outside. We live in an unfinished house as most "Alaska Bush People" do, but it's paid for and it's warm. I'm hear to tell ya it's no place for a Yuppie, they will not even come inside. ;-) We paint with oils, we hunt, we fish, we trap, (sorta) and mostly stay to ourselves. About 18 months ago I had my first grandchild enter our life and decided to build him a nice Diamond Willow cradle. After the cradle was finished I had a nice piece of willow left over, while twirling it around in my hand, I thought it would make a nice handle for a knife. That was the last reasonable thought I had. So... many thousands of dollars and hours of shop time later I can say with all Honesty. "Hi my name is Rob and I'm a blade a'holic". It was not long after my first few knife builds that I noticed a show on T.V. called Forged in Fire, I took it as a sign from the Gods and sat down to watch. From then on it's been my goal to not just do stock removal, but also learn how to forge my blades. I'm getting there slow, but sure. I've sold a few knives and try to be reasonable about things. Folks seem to like what I've made, so that is a start. Anyway that's pretty much it. I enjoy this and if I can make a few bucks so much the better, but I mostly work now to support my knife making habit. Peace.
  4. The Truckee Maker Show will be May 17, 2015, one of the sponsors/demonstrators is Mountain Forge in Truckee. If you are in the area stop by! For more information see: http://www.truckeeroundhouse.org/
  5. Hello, all! I am just getting into blacksmithing and by pure chance ran into these forums. For quite a while now I have been looking for what would be my first anvil (after the usual piece of rail track), unfortunately, they're quite hard to come by in my city and the ones I have found so far are either in terrible conditions or extremely expensive. Therefore, I was very surprised when I entered an antiques shop and found a few anvils, two of them with markings of known anvil makers. I was even more pleased when I was told their prices, which weren't bad a t all. However, as I stated before, I am a total newbie and have no way of knowing, for example, what kind of metal these anvils are made of. One of the branded anvils is a Wilkinson of around 40kg (90lbs) and the other one is a 45.5kg (100lbs) Swedish Soderfors. I cannot make out much more and the antiquarian wasn't of great help either. I have looked for more information on both of them but only found different models of the same makers. So I decided to ask you guys if you knew anything about any of these anvils or if you could at least tell me how to recognise the material (which seems to be the most important detail to me). This is the Soderfors anvil This is its side, I found no markings anywhere else. This is the Wilkinson, I thought I was in rougher conditions than the Soderfors. This is the side of the Wilkinson anvil, there were no markings on the other side nor anywhere else that I could see. These are the two of them seen from above, Soderfors at the top of the picture, Wilkinson at the bottom. As I mentioned before, there were more than two anvils, four, to be precise. I didn't pay much attention to the other two because one of them was about the same size of my current piece of rail track and the other one had a long crack along its face. By the way, sorry for the poor photos, my phone was almost out of battery (in fact, it died just after taking the last picture) so I tried to get pictures of both of them as fast as I could. I hope you can shed some light on the situation, I am mostly concerned about the material but any information or tips that you may provide will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays! Jacques
  6. Hello, I want to make a romanian caval (http://www.eliznik.org.uk/RomaniaMusic/cavals.htm) from plum wood. I have read that those kind of gimlets are the best chioice for that because they follow the grain of the wood. I have a old one, but the diameter is too small, i need a bore diameter of about 17 mm. Does any of you have a ideea about how could i make such a gimlet? I can't figure out how i need to form the metal before turning it in a spiral. If some of you have experience with those kind of thing and can explain it to me that would be great. Some images would be great also. Thanks!
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