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Found 4 results

  1. I just wanted to know what thickness steel other people are using for there damascus? i have 1/8 th inch thick 1080 steel and .049 thick 15n20. Its all i could find online every were was just about sold out of the thicker 15n20. Is the .049 thick enough or should i double it up so its almost as thick as my 1080 stock and how would a thinner stock like .049 15n20 look like
  2. I am looking to cut my teeth on making some household tools, starting with a simple flathead screwdriver. I was considering getting some tool steel rods as the material (O1 or S7), but I was just wondering if it's strictly necessary and worth it to use fancy steels. Would mild (1018) work for a screwdriver head just as well? I have gone and searched for information on what material is used in professional (ie, craftsman, ect) and searched the forum to no avail. Just looking for opinions/advice. Thanks for looking! Carpe Frigus Finem!
  3. I have a couple of new, but worn out 14 inch Save Edge hoof rasps . Does anyone know the carbon and/or other content of these rasps? Thanks
  4. Hello, all! I am just getting into blacksmithing and by pure chance ran into these forums. For quite a while now I have been looking for what would be my first anvil (after the usual piece of rail track), unfortunately, they're quite hard to come by in my city and the ones I have found so far are either in terrible conditions or extremely expensive. Therefore, I was very surprised when I entered an antiques shop and found a few anvils, two of them with markings of known anvil makers. I was even more pleased when I was told their prices, which weren't bad a t all. However, as I stated before, I am a total newbie and have no way of knowing, for example, what kind of metal these anvils are made of. One of the branded anvils is a Wilkinson of around 40kg (90lbs) and the other one is a 45.5kg (100lbs) Swedish Soderfors. I cannot make out much more and the antiquarian wasn't of great help either. I have looked for more information on both of them but only found different models of the same makers. So I decided to ask you guys if you knew anything about any of these anvils or if you could at least tell me how to recognise the material (which seems to be the most important detail to me). This is the Soderfors anvil This is its side, I found no markings anywhere else. This is the Wilkinson, I thought I was in rougher conditions than the Soderfors. This is the side of the Wilkinson anvil, there were no markings on the other side nor anywhere else that I could see. These are the two of them seen from above, Soderfors at the top of the picture, Wilkinson at the bottom. As I mentioned before, there were more than two anvils, four, to be precise. I didn't pay much attention to the other two because one of them was about the same size of my current piece of rail track and the other one had a long crack along its face. By the way, sorry for the poor photos, my phone was almost out of battery (in fact, it died just after taking the last picture) so I tried to get pictures of both of them as fast as I could. I hope you can shed some light on the situation, I am mostly concerned about the material but any information or tips that you may provide will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays! Jacques
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