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  1. Peter Wright Dating?

    from what I found out about my PW is that if it's not stamped "ENGLAND" than it is pre 1910. I also think if it has the Solid Wrought stamp it's after 1850 or 60 or something. There are a few other things I read about to tell the date but I can't remember. It's rather hard to find anything about them. That's a beautiful anvil though.
  2. This is the best video I've found on case hardening
  3. African wood

    Thanks for the info guys, I ended up finding a new hickory sledge hammer handle I had here and I'm going to turn it into two handles. I'll have to try and think of something to do with this wood.
  4. Removing chrome plate from copper

    No I did not.
  5. Removing chrome plate from copper

    My dad said he thinks that what it is, I guess it could be nickel or something else. It looks shiny like chrome though but I'm not sure.
  6. African wood

    So one of the many things my dad brought me was some roughly 3x3 posts that were used as shipping pallets. They were from Africa, I'm wondering if anyone would know what kind of wood it may be. I'll go take a few pictures and put them up shortly. I'm thinking of trying to use it as hammer handles. He said it wasn't dried, so it was cut right before being sent and has since air dried, so it's not compromised from being kiln dried. There's a few pictures of two different pieces. I'm extremely bad at knowing what a tree is, so I'm not having any luck identifying with pictures of different types of wood online.
  7. Yeah, I'd rather be able to do maintenance on most things myself. A little common sense and a quick google search and I have been able to do most anything. I just don't think I'll try playing electrician, at least not past installing new sockets and light switches. I've got a friend for that. but I think I'm going to fire up the forge in the morning and cut the little square bar my dad got in half and try forging some s hooks. I really need to mount my anvil though. So might be a productive day tomorrow on that front. If I do I'm going to make a new post with some pictures of hopefully some half decent S hooks.
  8. I was wearing shoes when I was moving them but my feet starting sweating. So I took them off before I took the pictures. Thanks for the tip anyway. He said it was all from an electric box, like the big thin plate with holes, the bent pieces and the smaller rectangle. I'm not sure if the thicker bars were as well. Also, went to town today, got some nice safety glasses, some cutoff wheels for the grinder, a flap disc because there weren't any regular sandpaper ones but the flap disc takes wood off like nothing. Also some bolts to bolt my vise down and a nice little six foot Stanley Fat Max measuring tape. I've been installing new sink faucets for my mom all night, one in the kitchen and the two in her bathroom. Guess I'm adding "plumber" to my resume. LOL
  9. Removing chrome plate from copper

    Thanks for the info.
  10. Yeah, that's the next thing I plan on buying. Well, my dad will probably find it for dirt cheap and buy it for me. The bench vise he got is a $300 wilton and he paid like $100. That's the only thing he actually paid for that he brought to me today.
  11. Removing chrome plate from copper

    Yeah, that's one thing I was reading online. Like hydrochloric acid I think.
  12. Removing chrome plate from copper

    I eventually want to make some knives so this will be some good accent metal for guards and what not. I just want to get the chrome off of it. There's probably like 10-15 pounds of it there.
  13. Some giant chain, it's about 11 feet long. I'm not sure what these airbags are for, but there's four of those. This is all copper coated with chrome. Awesome new wilton bench vise. Another picture below. I didn't get a good picture of the diamond plate steel it's sitting on, but it's half inch thick diamond plate. This piece of steel is half inch thick. This is some kind of wheel from some industrial piece of equipment. There's 4 of them. There's also a nice craftsman angle grinder I didn't get a picture of.
  14. Removing chrome plate from copper

    all of that is chrome plated copper