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  1. Pr3ssure

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I wasn't really expecting the weld to stick at all, so I might just grind the second point to shape or something. Or just try and beat it pretty somehow. lol
  2. Pr3ssure

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I cut my log to the right height today so I could finally get my anvil off the ground. It was nice not forging in a chair. I also took another stab at forge welding a fire poker, I got enough welded to draw out the point, so semi success I guess. Also here's a picture of the forge since I welded the walls on it the other day.
  3. Pr3ssure

    New to forge welding

    I believe if those run all the way through the piece it means the weld didn't take completely. Although it does seem you got a start at it. Someone more experienced will need to say for sure though. I'm in the same boat, trying to learn to forge weld as well as of late. Just noticed it says you're in WV, what part if you don't mind me asking.
  4. So what I'm getting from some of the posts is that soaking the steel, especially mild steel, helps with the welding process? I was un aware of most of what's been said after my last post. It's all interesting but very confusing. I'm going to have to make a list of the points that have been covered here and research them all in more depth so I can better understand. I know of other types of welding but mainly friction welding. I've never heard of with soaking the metal it will eventually just weld on its own. If that's even what's being said. Thank you all for the information on all these processes. As I knew, I have a lot to learn still but now it seems I have A LOT more to learn.
  5. So I'm looking into getting a 6 inch expandable drum for my grinder. Some of what I'm finding is showing their for farriers, some are saying lapidary, which I believe is stone work. Has anyone had any experience in grinding metal with one? I've not been able to find much, I saw one video of a guy talking about one but he doesn't say all that much about it other than he uses it for buffing and he needed a quicker way to remove metal. Just looking for an opinion if anyone has one or has seen one in action. Is it worth paying $40 for one or am I better off saving that money towards material for building a nice big belt sander, which I want to do in the long run eventually. Just would like to have something similar in the mean time. I already have a 6 x 36 disc/belt sander. If it's just going to be like a sander and not a grinder I don't want it and I'll just get me some fresh grinder wheels. I have a 10 inch bench grinder btw.
  6. Pr3ssure

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I wish I had a few ford wrenches, all of the best twisting wrenches I've seen were made of them. Most people say they wish they didn't turn it into one in the end though. So I doubt I'd do it unless I found a whole box of them. I can't wait until spring though so I can hit up some yard sales and flea markets.
  7. Pr3ssure

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Das, you are a true artist. You come up with some of the most creative stuff.
  8. Pr3ssure

    New Black smith please help

    This is one of the best resources you could have found. Finding the specifics can be a little hard but searching google with "ifi" or "I forge iron" with your google search and that's the best way to do it. I came here knowing little to nothing, now I know a great deal about things that are even way out of my league, which is still most stuff. I've been here for about a year and a half now, knowing little to nothing. I've got a couple of books and I watch youtube videos on smithing every day. Nothing compares to the knowledge these experienced smith have bestowed upon us. That being said, once you find something to beat on and something to heat metal, practice is the best teacher, unless you can get a real teacher that is. I started with a 22 gallon drum and a big rock as my anvil. I didn't do much with it other than beat metal ugly but it did teach me a few things. Like where I needed to go from there. I think I got pretty lucky, I found a smith located about 45 minutes away from me and he sold me a 161# Peter Wright for $290. I just recently tested the rebound and I get from 80-95% rebound on it. From what I've found that's really good for an anvil that's 150+ years old. I went late last year to the same smith and got a firepot, tuyere and blower for $120. I've got a basic setup as far as "real" tools are concerned but it's more than enough for me. Just don't anger the curmudgeons by asking questions that have been asked and answered a hundred times, usually you'll get an answer but sometimes you'll just have to find their answer in a previous thread.
  9. All very interesting stuff. I'll have to look into all of it. I haven't been able to forge in a few days, have other stuff I need to get done. The snow put me out of doing anything today though. Was just too cold, considering it was 65 degrees yesterday and down to 30 today.
  10. I'm running a coal forge with anthracite.I'm just going to go with trial and error. I'll figure it out I guess.
  11. Pr3ssure

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Wish I had a laser or plasma cutter. There's an OxyAcetylene torch in the shop though, so I'm not without. I just need to get better, my cuts are a little hairy to say the least. Those roses and leaves look wonderful though.
  12. They had 20 Mule Borax at the Dollar General down the road from me. A 4 pound box for $4.50. I have some other stuff I need to get done like weld on my walls to the forge table and cut my stump so I can get my anvil off the ground and making a stand for my vise. So I may or may not have time to try and forge anything today. If I do I'll post some pictures here success or fail.
  13. I didn't know you could use glass or clay brick. I'm gonna check the Dollar general today for Mule I guess. I'm not sure if I'll have time to fire up the forge today, I've gotta plug a tire and I'm going to be welding walls on my forge table. Getting tired of coal wanting to fall off the table. I'm also going to try and use the base of an old barber stand to make a stand for my vise. Not sure if the hydraulics in it still work but I think it'd be neat if they still did. Thanks for all the input though. I'll be sure to post a picture of my next attempt.
  14. I don't have any stores near me other than Dollar General and a 711, I'll check the Dollar Store for some Mule but I don't know if they will have it. If not I'm not going to town in the next few days Amazon will be quicker. I get free 2 day shipping with prime. And as for "what" I'm trying to weld. I currently just want to practice. I have some weld steel from Lowes or A36 of whatever it is. and the rest is just scrap. So who knows.
  15. So, I'm looking to get some flux so I can try to correctly and successfully attempt to forge weld. I know I don't have to have it but I know that being a beginner it will help me learn how to do it. So what kind of flux do you use? I know of Mule 20 Borax and Anhydrous Borax which are both available at about $12 a pound on amazon. Is there something else in that price range that works better? I'm not trying to go with the Red Mountain Flux or whatever it's called, it's $50 for a bottle and it doesn't even look like it's a pound. So Until I'm confident in my skills and all that I'm not even going to attempt spending that kind of money to just waste it all for nothing.