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  1. One reason I want to start making my propane forge, I think I'd be aloud to use it in the garage, at least near the door. I've wanted to ask if I'd be able to make a chimney to run through the skylight or something. It's my neighbors garage so I don't want to get soot on everything.
  2. Yeah, I didn't 220 grit, burnt it then scoffed it with a copper pad. I can feel the grain lines, it's neat that it burnt the wood but not the lines as much or something like that. I'm probably gonna do it to all my handled tools.
  3. Burning the handle to turn it black, not enough to actually burn it but it will take off any splinters. It seems to bring out the lines in the grain and makes it easier to hold. After you burn it wipe the black stuff or with a rag and you can use a steel or copper scoff pad to add to it. I did take some sand paper and sand the whole thing down first with 220 grit sand paper. I like it a lot better than a pure sanded finish. Here is what mine looked like when finished.
  4. I was thinking the grape purple that rust-oleum sells. Purple is my favorite color, like a royal deep purple. I think the brighter one would look better though since it's already bright with the blue. Also, I mainly did it for rust prevention since I've been leaving it outside. I didn't want to have to lather the entire anvil in oil every time I used it, now I can just oil the face and be good.
  5. I'm thinking about taking some of that blue tack stuff and where it says Peter wright and has the numbers filling it in and then painting around it so the numbers and stuff really pop. I don't know why I didn't think of that already.
  6. Yeah, I wanted something bright. Something not many would do, also if it ever gets stolen if there's any of the paint left it will be easy to identify, I painted the bottom and made sure to get some inside the holes it was held to forge with. If anyone laughs I'll just hand 'em the hammer and ask them to make me something instead of the other way around. lol
  7. So I put a fresh coat of paint on my 161# Peter Wright. Should have got the picture from the other side since this is the side with the droop in the face. My girlfriend picked the color, I like it. I might re do it with some purple on it too at some point
  8. I can't remember what kind of hammer this is called, I know I've seen it on here before but I just can't remember. Anyway, any thoughts on a use for it? It definitely needs some tlc, I haven't weighed it but it's at least 2.5 lbs maybe 3.
  9. A guy on youtube named Glen goes by GS Tongs has two anvils he made out of just big square pieces of steel, had a local shop put a hardy in them. They seem like real nice anvils. He lives in Taiwan or something like that though. He has a video talking about them.
  10. I forged something called a "CopperZap", my dad wanted one and asked me to make him one. It's supposed to help prevent colds by basically sticking it up your nose to kill bacteria since copper is anti-bacterial or something like that. They sell them online for like $70 plus shipping. I drifted my first hole in this project. The piece of copper had a slit in it for a screw so I figured I would try and make it so it could go on a key ring. I used my straight peen hammer like a top to to fuller in the finger piece. First time forging copper, was definitely fun. I want to use some of the copper I have to make some leaf key rings and necklace pendants as well. Would also like to get some nickel and try some makume gane stuff as well.
  11. The 2 lb Nordic Forge rounding hammer I ordered came in just now, I'm getting ready to go dress it now. Gonna light up the forge with the little bit of light I have left for the day. Should have enough coal for that.
  12. I don't think that's a hair drier, it looks just like the heat gun I just got.
  13. So I've been thinking whether I should mount my post vise to my forges frame or if I should make a stand. This is an old picture but I'm thinking on one of the front legs welding a plate and support to mount the vise. When I move the forge back inside I can just remove the wedge and key and move them separately. That I think would be the easiest for making it a movable vise but it would be confined to my forge. Unless I also made a post mount of course. I guess my question is, is that a bad idea?
  14. Kind of looks like someone made it from one really big block of steel. Looks like nothing I've ever seen before though. Cool looking to say the least.
  15. So as I was over doing some spring cleaning at the garage (well needed) I realized I have gotten a decent collection of vises. I am going to start cleaning them all up once I finish organizing everything else. These of the vises I have. I will post pictures as I clean them up. I don't have a picture of old Wilton Bullet though. Wilton Bullet swivel base 4" (No image) Prentiss No. 51 Bulldog 3.5" Colombian 5" Unknown maker Post Vise 5.5" Wilton swivel base 6"