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  1. The Truckee Maker Show will be May 17, 2015, one of the sponsors/demonstrators is Mountain Forge in Truckee. If you are in the area stop by! For more information see: http://www.truckeeroundhouse.org/
  2. Here is the camping information: CAMPING San Benito County Fair grounds ... Charged by the event center for camping: RV Camping with full hookup is $35/day RV Camping with partial hookup $30/day RV Camping with no hookup and dry camping $25/day
  3. Just a note on process ... if you are a CBA member please renew your membership prior to registering. If your e-mail address is not recognized please e-mail me with the up-to-date e-mail address and I will fix the issue. Then you can register. Also if you are an ABANA affilaiate member you do not have to join CBA for a full year to attend the conference, $15 will purchace a conference membership so you can attend ... My e-mail address is [email protected]
  4. These Champion forges, some double with two hearths, were used in the Stanford University blacksmith shop in the early 1900s.
  5. The registration process and details are on the CBA web site at www.calsmith.org now.
  6. Letter stamps are likely to last longer stamping hot metal than cold ... keeping the stamp temperature below 350 degrees to avoid further tempering would be be advisable. For etched letters, touch marks etc I would recommend a stencil based electric etch process rather than a do-it-yourself process. There ar many sources of information and suggestions on the knife making web sites. (as well as advice for the DIY processes.)
  7. Take a look at: http://www.anvilfire.com/iForge/tutor/claton/top_index.htm for Claydon Knot details.
  8. ... and it is great to try out forging techniques that may be unfamiliar ... sure saves time on complex items!
  9. I agree with Frank. My Peter Wright has the maker's mark on the nut close to the contact point with the fixed jaw.
  10. I recommend you get a copy of Michael Porter's book "Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces and Kilns", it has losts of great advice on forge construction as well as burners.
  11. You may want to check out the California Blacksmith Association www.calsmith.org for classes and oppportunities to meet other smiths in your area.
  12. All indications are your loosing pressure from the propane source, good observation of the frost on the left and not the right tank. That indicates only the left tank is feeding propane most likely. I'd find the cause of that then use the washtub full of warm water approach for both cylinders ... just be careful, I froze a ring of water the size of a plastic wash tub one day befor I bought my 100 pound cylinder.
  13. When you changed regulators did you get a new gauge as well? ... also it appears the sliding air control sleve seems to adjusted much differently on the right hand burner ... is that photo angle artifact or is there some other reason?
  14. Kiln shelving works well for a hard surface to protect forge insulation. I use it as a furnace floor as well, replacing it as it wears out. As said, not zero maintenance, but can help reduce the cost.
  15. I recommend not lining rivet forges, just allow ash to accumulate in the bottom around the grate. If you need a deep fire, recommended, place two fire bricks on each side of the grate and you will have a close equivalanet to a fire pot. I have one that has been in use for over 10 years and only replace the grate every 2-3 years.
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