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Found 15 results

  1. Was contacted today about this vise and it looks pretty big and the jaws look really nice, I don't know much about these types of vises but I thought there was knob like thing supposed to be above where it mounts. Can any one bring light to this situation and tell me if you think something's wrong with it.
  2. Hey everyone, long time creeper first time poster. Just looking for some help IDing this old anvil. It was in my dads shop (he’s a disel mechanic) for about 20 year and he doesn’t remember where it came from. Mostly used it to beat on stuff, but I think it may have been softened in the past Its got a good ring to it and about 60% rebound, but it also slightly deforms when you drop a 1inch ball bearing. Just looking for as much info as I can find. Was also considering taking it to a professional heat treating place to see if it can be rehardened.
  3. Hello, all. I am trying to suss out the origin of my anvil. It weighs 147.5 lbs. and it bears the marking "147". It has the markings "163165" on the base. It also has a marking that I believe says "Brooklyn, NY", and "______ manufacturing CO". I really appreciate any help with this. Thank you.
  4. Picked this up today, more than likely paid too much but what the heck, they don't grow on trees and I don't know of anyone making new ones. I buy tools, not collect antiques but history is fun too. anybody tell me where I could look for a makers mark or any other marks? looked it over pretty well and saw nothing. It is pretty dirty so maybe after it gets cleaned up a bit. Jaws are in good shape and they line up real well. Kind of wondering what those points for and aft of the jaws are for.
  5. Wondering if anyone can tell me whether the way the mounting plate on this vise is original or the product of repair who knows how long ago? i've looked at a ton of images and can't seem to find another example of the mounting plate being secured to the shank via a wedge and hole in the shank and spring. Also, curious if anyone knows manufacturer and approx date. Thanks
  6. I'm seeking the expertise of the folk on this site! There is an anvil posted on a local classified page the owner seems to know little about it but claims it's 160# there are few pictures but they aren't great. They are asking 250$ CAD for it which equates to 1.56 a #. That seems like a pretty great price to me. If anybody has an idea of what this could be please let me know. Thanks, Spencer Dirks
  7. So I found an anvil on CL and struck an internet deal with the lady at $3 a lb for this guy. I haven't seen it in person yet, and all I know is from her add (so I really know nothing). She said it was her late husbands, and was used at a logging camp from 1920-1930 before he got ahold of it. He was supposedly a collector of anvils and this is the only one that's left. its between 2-250# 25.5"x5"x13" It's 3 hours away so I'm hoping to get a little insight before I commit to a 6 hour trip just to find out its a cast pile poo that isn't going to out perform my RR track. Any insight would be appreciated, currently waiting to hear back if there are any markings on it. Will update with her response.
  8. Hello, all! I am just getting into blacksmithing and by pure chance ran into these forums. For quite a while now I have been looking for what would be my first anvil (after the usual piece of rail track), unfortunately, they're quite hard to come by in my city and the ones I have found so far are either in terrible conditions or extremely expensive. Therefore, I was very surprised when I entered an antiques shop and found a few anvils, two of them with markings of known anvil makers. I was even more pleased when I was told their prices, which weren't bad a t all. However, as I stated before, I am a total newbie and have no way of knowing, for example, what kind of metal these anvils are made of. One of the branded anvils is a Wilkinson of around 40kg (90lbs) and the other one is a 45.5kg (100lbs) Swedish Soderfors. I cannot make out much more and the antiquarian wasn't of great help either. I have looked for more information on both of them but only found different models of the same makers. So I decided to ask you guys if you knew anything about any of these anvils or if you could at least tell me how to recognise the material (which seems to be the most important detail to me). This is the Soderfors anvil This is its side, I found no markings anywhere else. This is the Wilkinson, I thought I was in rougher conditions than the Soderfors. This is the side of the Wilkinson anvil, there were no markings on the other side nor anywhere else that I could see. These are the two of them seen from above, Soderfors at the top of the picture, Wilkinson at the bottom. As I mentioned before, there were more than two anvils, four, to be precise. I didn't pay much attention to the other two because one of them was about the same size of my current piece of rail track and the other one had a long crack along its face. By the way, sorry for the poor photos, my phone was almost out of battery (in fact, it died just after taking the last picture) so I tried to get pictures of both of them as fast as I could. I hope you can shed some light on the situation, I am mostly concerned about the material but any information or tips that you may provide will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays! Jacques
  9. mlinn77

    Rescued leg vise

    Hi I just picked this up at auction and at a good price, it was all seized up and rusty, but all there, works like new now, just curious about maybe a age and confirmation on maker. It has 7inch jaws and about 150lbs, only mark is a J on the inside leg, its looks all hand forged, tool steel forged welded on the jaws. From reading different post I'm leaning towards a Peter wright. Attached is before and after and next to a 4 inch vise. That's not my set up just got the pictures.
  10. Just got home from pickin up my Bday present from Marcy, an cute little 80# anvil an eagle logo on the side, an 8 cast under the horn on the feet, logo looks like a fisher, but none that i have ever seen. couple rough edges but in pretty decent shape. What are we workin with here?
  11. I recently picked up an anvil with no marking or possibly faint markings. It weighs 218lbs. It has some surface rust making it hard to find any markings. I didn't know if anyone on here could help to identify it. I attached a photo of what looks like some markings, though I cannot make them out. On the bottom right quarter of the phot there looks to be two more distinct markings and possibly a faint "R" a little lower between them. Any guesses? Please let me know if you need more info. I'd love to know who made it. Thanks for looking.
  12. Hello, iron punishers, I have acquired a hammer for $2 and spent a quick minute reshaping the maul handle that had been put in it and I polished the head. Q. 1. What brand of hammer is it? There are markings that say US on top. Under the pein it reads the ubiquitous warning to wear safety glasses. It also has a 2 (2 pounds I think) and a 95. Q. 2. Once I finish polishing it to mirror how do I keep it that way? Is there a treatment I can apply such as oil or wax? Do I put a lacquer on it? Any help is always welcomed!
  13. I found these in the local scrap yard. Both are drop forgings. On the right is one with a 'Fuller' logo. The Canadian one is a little rougher with more of the die flash left. No manufacturers logo, but has a 'D' near the edge (top) and a number '2' centered above the shank. Neither seems to have been hardened. So being chisels or pry tools seems out. Since this area was heavily agricultural for the last 220 years, are they pieces for farm machinery? Don Unknown Tools.bmp Unknown Tools2.bmp
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