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  1. Maybe not but Darn close Watch the language....
  2. I have a few old plant haingers the kind that are long steel rods that are driven into the ground and are about 7 foot tall. My question is are these mild steel and can I use em to make nail hooks and what not?
  3. Nope they may have now but they were still using them as gates when I was over seas. 10 years ago my ride was a m109a6
  4. Frosty are you talking about something like a tankers bar?
  5. I was thinking I would make some nail hooks and such out of it the stuff made above is cool very creative.
  6. my brother gifted me with a truck axle and a pile of rebar is rebar good stuff to practice with. I see there are many pros cons to the stuff but it's cheep and there is quite a bit of it. This may be a dumb question but how do you forge the ribs out of this stuff I have read that they can leave a week spot. If it has already been covered please point me in the direction I need to go.
  7. i have read quite a bit about it but not sure how to test to see if it is 1541 it was just a stock axle out of a potato truck. Any thoughts on how to test to see if it is.
  8. Well I purchased a 8 foot peace of rail tonight I can not afford a "real" anvil so I just wanted to hear what the feed back was from using it for a little while.
  9. I may start out with that and see what my mileage is stainless is expensive but if I am burning threw the iron pipe it may be an option thanks for the info