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  1. Wow, just wow. Frosty, I do not know where this attack is coming from. I simply answered a fellow countryman's request for how much it would cost to ship that particular forge since I already asked the seller. The comment about the bricks was not that I suggested that you should ship a hundred pound of bricks across country. But it has to be accounted that if someone (anyone) is interested, the 12 fire bricks that are mentioned as included on that product's page are to be purchased separately thus AT EXTRA COST. I can't count the numbers of threads and testimonials of people who bought a professionally made forge and that it was the best they ever had. Better than any they ever made themselves. Surely they must all be stupid like me. There are also surely the same amount of people who had the exact opposite experience. Who couldn't be happier with the forge they've designed themselves, specifically for what they wanted to do and for way less money. More power to them. I had already made my mind about not asking any more info on the subject of gas forges on this forum seeing how it exasperates other members. But this as just reached a new height. You're insinuation to go get psychological help is downright insulting. Blacksmiths can be doers or fretters or whatever they want to be. As long as they are passionate about it, I don't give a dime about the rest.
  2. Here's the reply I got when I asked more details about the forge's interior and shipping (everything in CAD of course). So it is still a good option but there is the added cost of the bricks, refractory coating and possibly the rigidizer (not a 100% sure if he meant that it comes with it but not applied or if it's an extra cost).
  3. Dom


    This is quite an hypnotic pattern. Very nice!
  4. Thanks Joel for the video. It was very informative.
  5. Sure will Ricko13. I've asked them various questions and will post all their answers here for posterity Thanks Wayne. I've heard nothing but good things about you and your business. If I ever go for building my own forge, I will be sure to let you know.
  6. No sweat. Using what I've learned here, I've been able to ask more specific questions from gas forge manufacturers and think more critically about their answers. Just that is a tremendous help. I'll continue my research on my own. Nice... OpenVMS
  7. Geez... I wasn't trying to impress someone with some deep knowledge only known to me and a few select individuals. It is just an example of something that I'm knowledgeable about and that not everyone might be. I also happen to like talking about operating system design and low level perfomance analysis. Anyway, wrong forum.
  8. Thanks VainEnd84 for the info, I'll give Front Step Forge a call during the week. I'll start rooting for the Oilers till the end of the series. Frosty, Mikey, I understand your intention and sorry if I came as someone who wants to be spoon fed all the answers to my questions. You guys have such a deeper understanding on the subject than me and this being a public forum I did not see a reason not to benefit from that experience and ask if someone saw something wrong (or good) with a particular forge model. I understand that this might not be the kind of discussion which is the most interesting for you guys. Maybe in a couple of years I'll be able to have a more informed discussion about advanced burner design with you. Cheers!
  9. I understand what your saying but propane is to me a whole new world if we're not talking about grilling steaks. I have the opportunity through this forum to get the opinions and advice of a whole bunch of different people with a lot more experience than me on the subject. People such as you who've written a reference on the subject and many others who just go by their own personal experience. By aggregating all that knowledge I can take a better decision. It doesn't mean that it'll be the best, but at least I can say that it'll the most informed. I'm not looking for someone who tells me what to do. But I value your opinion and Frosty's and Glenn's and the opinion of all those gracious enough to help beginners along the way. If you ever want to know what is the best task scheduling algorithm for a monolithic operating system kernel or what multi-threading model is the most efficient in certain circumstances, I could give you my opinion or I could tell you that it all depends and go write your own operating system. Both methods works, but sometimes it is useful to be given pointers by people more knowledgeable than us. Thank you for all the advice you've given me.
  10. While asking questions about other models in another thread, another member suggested I take a look at Front Step Forge's Blacksmith Gas Forge. link removed From what I've learned from Mikey and Frosty (and don't hesitate to correct me if I got it wrong), the burner design doesn't seem bad as they are straight and the placement is not straight down but on the side. It looks pretty roomy and the price is definitely good at 765$ CAD with hose, regulator and fittings. FSF measured it going to 2450F which was the limit before the destruction of their type k thermocouple. However, the only thing that limits the openings are the 12 fire bricks that come with it. And there is no information on the lining All in all, I'm still leaning for a Chile or a Diamondback but the FSF gas forge is cheaper and seems to have some better features than some other brand (mighty forge, NC Tool Co). Any comments, advice, suggestions or correction are welcome.
  11. You're totally right Frosty. I guess it would help if I just stopped dithering about which gas forge to get, buy one and forge something.
  12. Hi Mikey, thanks again for taking the time to your advices. I'm not completely following you. I get that you believe the best option is to build one myself but which videos are you talking about?
  13. Is it you, Blacksmith-450 that got the anvil I originally posted about from Baie d'Urfe?
  14. Well, for a reputable company, I find it sad if they BS me when asked the question directly. If it is the case, I'm not sure I want to give them my money.
  15. Ah you're killing me... I really overpaid my Brooks. Another rookie mistake, should've waited for a cheaper opportunity.
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