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  1. I have very little electrical know how. Do any of you guys mind lending me a hand on what I need to do to get this motor running
  2. Do they make a differential for electric motors?
  3. Is it possible to use 2 motors? I have a small 3/4 HP motor from an old belt sander.
  4. I ordered a single phase 1hp 56c motor. Could I use a Variac as a veriable speed? I'm not too keen on electronic motors. The only place I know of around me that sells electric motors is Tractor supply Harbor Freight and a little RC shop.
  5. I need help finding the cheapest way to get my eerf grinder going I've been looking for a motor for weeks and the only thing I've found was a jet pump motor that doesn't fit.
  6. Could I use English wheel bottom anvil wheels for a flat platen and tracking wheel?
  7. I found my issue I didn't draw out the hilt area as much as I did the center and tip so when I let it cool it turned on me. I believe I have my problem fixed for now I did a combination of what ThomasPowers and Prevenge suggested it I pressed any noticeable waves out with a vice and then flattened it out more it seems pretty straight so far but it's still cooling.
  8. A file its W2 steel I believe
  9. II started working on a dagger its the first thing I've ever made by forging. I have it annealed until I can afford to make a filing jig. I noticed that it is twisted, but otherwise straight. Is there a way to fix this. My anvil is an 1899 75lb Fisher and it's very warn and has some pits in it if that helps.
  10. I know them personally. And I watch YouTube carefully and research what people say I've been researching bladesmith and blacksmithing and I know a blacksmith personally who says he would teach me a bit, but he works 2 jobs.
  11. I know guys that "make knives" but they aren't bladesmiths. They buy knife kits from smkw. I know one guy who used to forge knives but be thinks after you quench its hardened and tempered and just needs to be cleaned up.
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