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  1. That angle in the video it seems like you can almost see a colour shift between the edges and the center.
  2. Alright. Thanks Das. In a perfect world I'll be on it a few times a week but life is. I'm hoping at least once a week once the tiny house is done.
  3. Frosty, Been looking for a good.thread to ask in; do you apply that wax to the face of the anvil as well or just the body? Is there something that would work well on the face and horn without issues when hot metal hits it?
  4. Boy. That blows my little craftsman out the water. Total drill press envy
  5. Cheaper to buy new than on ebay. Safer bet usually too.
  6. Right after my dad died they stole the Bass boat, trailer and all, right put the carport. My good stuff is kept under lock and key. Or in with the dogs I have a whole set of letter and number metal "punches". Going tonight and putting my name and adress on it.
  7. Havent mounted it up yet. Hoping later this week. Ended up having to work. Until its mounted its living in the mess trailer so the neighbors dont try to carry it off. I have those type of neighbors
  8. Chris, Would probably make nice inserts for a radiator cover(in home not vehicle radiator).
  9. Absolutely love the way that handle looks. Truly a beautiful blade.
  10. Found my good.metal ruler, my kid was using it as a ramp for hot wheels cars, to check how flat the face was. In several reviews their were compliments of some sway in new anvils. Absolutely none on this one.
  11. Ooooo... can I say it this time. Looks like an anvil.
  12. Blessing in this hard time. May the sorrow of his death be overwhelemd with the joy of the memories of his life.
  13. Coming in with no pre existing notions when it comes to that; a square horn just makes more sense to me then a flat London style heel. As does the pritchel and hardy being on opposing sides of the face.
  14. Took a little while to work the second job and squirrel away enough for this one. Had originally planned on a smaller NC anvil. So I'm glad I spent the time hunting for an older one. The extra investment means I'm in a range where I won't need to think about a bigger anvil for a long time. It is also the style of anvil I had most wanted instead of a ferrier anvil with a bunch of gizmos for shoeing that I don't really need.
  15. My 50Kg arrived yesterday. Standby for info one how it holds up to forging. Hoping to get it mounted up this weekend. So excited. From how well rojos held up I'm sure yours was a fluke. Glad to see that they are working to make it right for you. A quality affordable anvil company is what the new generation of Smith's need right now with how expensive and scarce quality used anvils have become.
  16. After several longer than ideal road trips to look at used anvils that were mediocre for often a higher price per pound I broke down and bought a new 50kg/110# Kanca. Info on hardness and durability to follow in the kanca anvil thread.
  17. As I recall one of the treads from a while back had a kanca rep who is a member here. I can't remember which thread but it was a Kanca anvil question so I think there are only 5 or 6 of them. Might be able to get a more direct contact if you can find and message him.
  18. Everything in the Austin,TX store is 20% off. Labeled a monster close out sale. Wish I lived closer. Would have loved 20% off the 165#.
  19. I have the 50kg Kanca in route as we speak. Centaur shipped it with the billing adress not the shipping adress. The guy on the phone fixed it quickly but it added a delay. If I'm understanding their site they are closing one of their two stores. So maybe financial trouble? Could explain the attempt to stop a return/refund. I'll let yall know if I have the same issue when mine gets here.
  20. Definatly make sure you factor in shipping when deciding where to order from. I just ordered the 110lb Kanca myself and bought it for a higher sticker price as shipping was almost $100 cheaper from the retailer I went with for a very slight increase in sticker.
  21. I'd love the head off one of those to use AS an anvil. That thing is massive.
  22. Paul, Was already headed down that road. Unfortunately my local pottery supply shop is an hour and a half away and only carries a limited supply of shelfs all of which I'd need to cut down and which would still not be a great fit.
  23. My first forge was a fire brick construction. It started degrading somewhat quickly. So I'm hoping to do better with what seems to be the preferred method of the group. My plan is to put a 1/4" layer of Kast-o-lite one the walls and ceiling and a 1/2" layer on the forge floor.
  24. Finally got around to fitting a new handle to my hammer. Broke the old one last forging session. Not sure how but I managed to get a super solid fit without having to wedge the end.