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  1. For those who read this thread much later. Went down to one burner and blocked the rear of the forge. The exhaust from the forge was suffocating the burners. The forge now heats metal yellow hot.
  2. Wooo! Went down to the one burner. Closed off the back end. After heating the forge for about 10 minutes I put a 1/2 x1/4 mild steel bar in. First 4 or 5 inches got a nice yellow hot. So happy I might cry a bit.
  3. Sounds great. I will reconfigure down to one burner after work tommorow and make another attempt. Videos to follow. Hopefully of a hot happy forge.
  4. Ok. I will take a look at both. Luckily the bottom is open so I can easily remove the bricks and just put a solid brick in place of the burner. The two burners was from a previous burner design i had attempted before finding the great plans for the t burners here. Should I try to fully close the back or will blocking the opening with a firebrick on the back shelf be enough? I can't thank you enough for the advice and direction.
  5. Did a soapy water test. Had a leak. Retightened and no leaks. The heat expansion would make sense to me. I will try turning the back off. I did indeed put a valve on each burner. I will see if that helps.
  6. When I first light it it does just fine. Then when it starts to really glow this happens. For those who can't see the video the flame suddenly stops being blue and goes to a flame similar to a lighter comes out of the top of the burner pipes as well as both openings. 20190202_171227.mp4 20190202_180831.mp4
  7. On a second attempt I tried it with more pressure and it went longer without issue. But then the same thing. 20190202_180831.mp4
  8. So....it starts out fine. Without closing it off I'm getting to a nice orange glow then this happens. 20190202_171227.mp4
  9. Another question. Does it seem like the distance of brass there will be enough to keep a rubber propane hose a safe distance. I intend to disconnect it on shutdown to avoid issues with chimney effect.
  10. Ill give that a try. Now that its cooled down from the welding I can also take a towel and a wire brush and clean down the slag better. Might make it less ugly.
  11. JPH, I look forward to journey. What part of our beautiful state do you call home. I'm out in the stix in dixie county.
  12. It comes to a small slightly convex smaller hammer face somewhere between the size of a nickel and a dime.
  13. Tommorow after work I will post videos. I have to pressurize and soap test the connections. But then it's off to the races. Hoping it's not a dud and I get to see a nice yellow hot forge. And yes my welds are ugly. I'm not sure using a HF flux core welder helped. At least I'm hoping I'm not that bad at welding. Lol
  14. I give you my Ugly Metal Box. I know its ugly. I have never welded anything other than a few pieces of scrap to get used to the process. This is literally my first time welding, cutting metal (both sheet and angle), using a drill press or a tap. But it is solid and I promise it will not be lit without testing all the gas fittings. All or the parts for the box are salvaged from around my property as were most of the fittings for the burners. And the fire brick was gifted from a friend who had ordered too many while building a kiln. I wanted to share it because even without having attempted anything like this before I was able to slowly make something hideous, but that i am proud of none the less. Videos to follow once i have checked for gas leaks and moved it to a safe outdoor location. I really would appreciate all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. And promise not to get hurt by it.
  15. Truly beautiful. I would have never thought of bowling ball as a handle. I am just starting out and will count my self truly blessed if I get to anywhere even a quarter that level of skil.
  16. Have had this little guy for a long time but never had a place to ask. What kind of hammer is it?
  17. It's a kubota L305. Beat up quite a bit. And yet I'm sure with just a bit of work it will probably outperform a lot of newer models. Not that I have any use for it. Hoping to sell it to cover probate costs for the estate. For correct height am I looking for my hammer to strike flat if I'm swinging it naturally? I'm building the mount this weekend. And will be using some 4x4s in a manner similar to one I saw in another thread.
  18. Thank you. I had the handle fall off a 12lb sledge that was in one of the piles of tools. He left me everything from entire cases of shower curtains, to a full workshop with many of the tools I could think of wanting(drill press, a miter saw, a wood lath capable of handling 36" stock, hand tools galore, etc) a 50 year old tractor. Two old motorcycles that are missing parts. The list keeps growing as I go through the various buildings.
  19. Very new to the craft. I keep seeing post mentioning using a sledge hammer head as a make shift anvil. How big would the sledge head have to be to work for this application.
  20. I will. I live in a very rural area and the property I just inherited was previously inhabited by a severe hoarder. I may find something on the grounds even.
  21. Thanks Frosty. It is sadly missing the block that the threads of the outer jaw screw into. If i had that piece and could use it as a bench vice i would be over the moon. It weighs approx 70# and has a very wide travel for the outer jaw. Is the concern with the cast iron body structural integrity? Or will the striking surface on top simply dent and divot quickly. My other thought for such a large vice if not repairable would be to weld a 12# sledge hammer head between the jaws and make use of the large mass and solid mounting structure of the vice. I appreciate any and all advice and correction. I am very new to the craft having just left apartment loving and outside of reading and watching as much as I can I am very much a noob. A very happy place to start from as i know that I know almost nothing.
  22. Yes. The body is made of cast iron. Was hoping the plate or possibly the top of the anvil arm might be usable as they are both plate steel. Oh well. Back to the hunt.
  23. Found this bad boy literally buried in my yard and cleaned it up. It's missing a part to work as a vice. How well is the "anvil face" work for a beginner just starting out. It weighs about 70# and the anvil face is 5in x 5in. Thanks for the feedback on if it will work and any adjustments anyone could suggest that could make it work better.