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  1. im fairly certain that it is a Peter Wright. I can make out "solid wrought" and "patent" as well and i don't know of any other maker that used those markings Its a pitty that you live so far away i would have loved to have that one in my shop! Damian Stil
  2. Thanks! I didn’t know that, i just thought it was one because of the small face and double hardy hole
  3. Hi guys, I will be picking up this anvil next Sunday, I personally think it was used for nail making but im not sure, does anyone have any idea on what it was used for? I will be able to pick her up for only 80 bucks so im really happy with this deal!
  4. Thats a nice fisher you found! Congratulations!
  5. I asked some more people and one said that he was almost certain it is from Wallonia and that it is a left handed anvil
  6. its definitely a yorkshire pattern anvil, i dont know on the brand though, nice find man! DS
  7. nice anvil you got there! i would have guessed that she is an UAT but you found the brand already. DS
  8. if i remember correctly the anchor stamps means that it was in use for the military. Damian Stil
  9. I don’t think its cast iron, it might be an internal crack that is the reason of the sound. i do think it has been welded so that could be a problem. Its made in sweden from what i can see, I cant make the brand out. Someone else might be able to Damian Stil
  10. I use boiled linseed oil, my fault for saying it incorrectly
  11. Beewax also works for keeping the rust away, I generally use a mixture of linseed oil and beeswax
  12. Yeah it does look like a kanca, i asked someone i know and he said he was almost certain it was from wallonia
  13. I will ask him, ill let you know when he responds. I agree its a bit weird that they made the waist that thin.
  14. Hi guys, a friend of mine recently bought this anvil. He wanted to know if anyone knew the brand or has worked with it. Thank you in advance for any responses! Damian Stil