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  1. I was just wondering about the importance of a swage block in a blacksmiths shop, I have been doing fine without one and I know some guys who have them but the hardly use them. What do y'all use them for?
  2. definitely will do! about cleaning the shop, that might be a point for me to look at, Hehe Damian Stil I have never seen the concept myself, must be so cool!
  3. If you're ever in the Netherlands just stop by, always a great deal of fun when another blacksmith comes around! This is my second anvil with a square horn, my first one was a 60 pound steel aciaio. the one in the background. Damian Stil
  4. I will let her stand loose for the time being, so I can always adjust the direction the anvil stands. this puppy won't move unless you put some real muscle power in to it. thanks for the tips! if i am going to tie her down I will for sure turn her 90*. I use the square horn for drawing stock that is to short to be drawn on the face, almost never for bending. Love the upsetting block comes in real handy for upsetting and it also makes a nice V-swage.
  5. I'm a fan of letting the anvil just stand loose on the stump, and with this size they will not move so why bother to fasten them? btw the hardy hole is around 1,18 inches or around 3 cm
  6. It was a bit of a pain in the butt but she’s standing, the pictures don’t really show the size of this monsteres. But take it from me she’s really really big Damian Stil
  7. Got the anvil, chose the lighter one Damian Stil
  8. Where I live the anvil prices are crazy low, they're all around a doller a pound, most of them even less. so 3,4$ a pound is for me pretty high but that is from my perspective. Damian Stil
  9. Yeah it's pretty tempting to by almost every anvil you see. Thanks for the tip! I'll let you all know more on the anvil in a few days when I actually get to see them.
  10. I'm just a starting 13 year old blacksmith, so i can't afort both just jet. Otherwise I certainly would have gotten both of them Damian Stil
  11. This guy just popped up from the same seller, and 125 bucks cheaper!! I have a pretty big dilemma now if y'all had to choose wich one would it be? My Grandad said he would lend me his forklift so problem solved This puppy is 186 Kg about 410 pounds. I personally tend to buy this anvil instead of the other one because it's almost in a mint condition.
  12. Thanks for al the reply’s! The guy I’m buying her from has a forklift so loading in shouldn’t be a problem. Any ideas on how to get it out? Damian Stil
  13. I'll Make sure to fasten my seatbelt just in case, Lol.
  14. I am picking this anvil up in 3 days, te guy sold it to me for 350 bucks. Heck of a deal! If maybe one of you can help me identify it, i'd really appreciate that anyhow here are some pics of this beauty. The markings shown are the only one he could find, Saturday I'll look for some more. already a big thanks for the help!
  15. my shop is at the moment outside of the house and some more tools inside of a little shed, but i can get by just fine (although my shed is pretty filled with tools) . That said I will be building a 18' by 15' shop soon. As many have said bigger is always better