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  1. Where are you located in belgium? if its close to me i might be interested in taking a look
  2. 20 kg is a bit light but John Brooks are good anvils, if you tighten it to a heavy stand it should work just fine. In my experience i've found that the edges can be a bit brittle.
  3. Yup thats definitely a trenton IMO looks like a great anvil!
  4. ya'll arent old, you're just ripe but to be honest im still quite young so dont feel bad lol
  5. it looks like a modified mouse hole, but it will help a lot to know where in the word you are located. have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST It looks like the smith that was using it specifically redid the horn for what was best for him. I'm certain people that know more will be able to tell you more soon
  6. i like this thread a lot, it was started a year before i was born and now im reading it. I hope you have a blast getting back into blacksmithing!
  7. I've seen them before but i'd have to look into it for the brand name. From what i heard from the owners of the same kinds of anvils is that it rings loud, so that vibrating sound could well be a delamination, it still looks like a serviceable anvil tho! ill look into the brand for you. Damian Stil
  8. im fairly certain that it is a Peter Wright. I can make out "solid wrought" and "patent" as well and i don't know of any other maker that used those markings Its a pitty that you live so far away i would have loved to have that one in my shop! Damian Stil
  9. Thanks! I didn’t know that, i just thought it was one because of the small face and double hardy hole
  10. Hi guys, I will be picking up this anvil next Sunday, I personally think it was used for nail making but im not sure, does anyone have any idea on what it was used for? I will be able to pick her up for only 80 bucks so im really happy with this deal!
  11. Thats a nice fisher you found! Congratulations!
  12. I asked some more people and one said that he was almost certain it is from Wallonia and that it is a left handed anvil
  13. its definitely a yorkshire pattern anvil, i dont know on the brand though, nice find man! DS
  14. nice anvil you got there! i would have guessed that she is an UAT but you found the brand already. DS
  15. if i remember correctly the anchor stamps means that it was in use for the military. Damian Stil
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