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  1. I agree with Chelonian. It definitely looks like an attachment put on later. but how it is done is a riddle to me
  2. Definitely a hay budden from what i can see. Nice anvil!
  3. I have used one for a travel anvil and to my experience they are quite hard, if i miss hit (luckily i have learned myself to not do that anymore) I will dent my hammer and not the anvil. But from what i have heard, as other people have said, the quality is not that certain. You have to look out for your ears when using them (mine at least) the ring can be really loud. Damian Stil
  4. I you can post an update when you get the anvil, I am curious what your opinion is on them. I think it was a very good decision. Antique or old anvils are very cheap where I live compared to america, at the highest i have seen it was max 1,50 a pound. So antique anvils are mostly the go to anvils for me. Seen as a new one costs about 5 times as much as most of the old ones
  5. If you are going to repair it you should look at for cracks, from what i can see on the pictures I can spot a few in the faceplate. Sorry I don’t no what the 3 indicates. Damian Stil
  6. It could be what frosty said, but my first guess was that someone welded it on but I can’t really see if there is weld around the horn. If there isn’t any I think it is factory made.
  7. Yes the other one was a bit rougher and sadly I could only buy one
  8. I made this fireplace tool stand yesterday, it isn’t finished yet but the forgweld and the rivet turned out quite good
  9. The anvil has been everything i can ask of it for so far, soon I will be able to acquire a real place for my shop, so it will be a nice challenge to try and move her by hand. I haven’t painted the stump with latex because the stump is to low for me now anyways so I didn’t bother to spend much money on something temporary. The stump hasn’t cracked further so it looks like its good. In the time since I got her I grew quite a bit (like 8 inches) so i do need to look for a taller stump. Damian Stil
  10. That is a perfectly usable anvil! To my knowledge that surely is a Columbian anvil Have fun enjoying this beautiful craft and everything surrounding it!
  11. I was thinking the same, it has the shape of a Dudley as you sad and if there is a W marked on it that would be my closest guess. Nice anvil you got there!
  12. They can be really loud but you get an awesome anvil in return in my opinion, i am saving up myself for this anvil and hope to get it in the near future, you can deaden the ring so that isn't really a problem just bolt it down tight to a stand or stick some magnets under the heel and you're almost not able to hear it ring anymore. the 120KG is my personal favourite because it has a relatively narow face which i am quite a fan of I don't really know any anvil makers where you live that still produce anvils, but in my region Peddinghaus (or Riggid as its called now) and Refflinghaus are definitely in the top of the makers.
  13. If I were to buy an anvil from a maker that already sells them I would probably go with the 120KG Refflinghaus I have used it personally when I went and visited another smith and it was just a joy to use.
  14. I can't say much more than the people above me, i'd say it looks like a trenton but you can't know for sure if you don't find any markings. If she goes for the right price and the rebound is good than you will have an anvil that i'll last generations if you don't abuse it. Good luck on your journey in this amazing craft! Damian Stil