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  1. Hay Chris I'm working on a guy who says he has 2 anvils in his barn he might let go. I've work with him in the past and hopefully he would make me a deal. I don't need 3 so I be happy to pass one along at whatever cost it costs me (if he sells them to me)
  2. I was thinking of using a small leaf spring I have kicking around in a bin. I did ask him if he had any other blacksmithing tools and he just looked at me with a funny look. So I don't think think he really knew what he had there.
  3. So $20.00 Canadian is really like $10.00 U.S. lol Really the guy just wanted it out of his garage and I was happy to help.
  4. Since finding my Anvil I applied the same technique into finding a leg vise mentioning post vise/ leg vise to everyone I ran into. I picked up this little beauty for a whopping $20.00 5" jaw, not sure of the make as I cant see any markings on it. The barbell has a slight bend to it but it functions with very little slop in the thread.
  5. I do apologize I found the pic on the net and wasn't aware it was from his book. Just thought it was a list a list someone might have put together from publicly published materials. Won't happen again
  6. Lol, I don't mind a little ribbing from time to time.
  7. Thought I would add a after pic. looks like there are 2 weld lines. one in the middle and a clearly defined line 0.75" from the top.
  8. Did a little research on the number and came up with a year of 1901. Would that be a solid steel verson or the half wrought half steel?
  9. I swear on everything I hold dear that it was a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Was talking to my wifes cousins about forging and mentioned that I would love to have an anvil. One cousin had a neighbor who was complaining about having to cut the grass around it, 1 call and i was there the next day... Now I have to start chatting about power hammers and hydraulic presses
  10. Thanks I was going to hit the top with a flap disk to take the paint off, but I might go with paint stripper and a wire brush first.
  11. Hi Guys For the last little while I've been banging away on a 200 Lbs block of P20 and mentioning the word "ANVIL" to everyone I know in hopes someone would know that guy that had one in there back yard... Well today was that day. total wt is 152 Lbs. and I was told it was painted to look like a cartoon Anvil complete with hand painted Acme on the side. So I took the wire wheel to it and found this... Any Ideas on what I have? the rebound is fantastic compared to what i have.
  12. Here are some pics of the maker and what looks to be a makers mark under the horn and some numbers
  13. I'm just about to take a wire wheel to the side of it. I can see some markings, I'll post a couple pics soon
  14. Just picked up my first Anvil for a whopping $0.00 someone actually painted it to look like a cartoon anvil and put Acme on the side of it... lol but the thing is for all the years it was outside in a garden the paint must of kept it from rusting...
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