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  1. Maxwell. If you go on amazon the seller is KT refractories. Just be careful as the also sell the k23 bricks which I can vouch do not hold up at all.
  2. Maxwell The cheapest I have found so far is on amazon for $52 for six. With a $17 shipping fee. All the ebay ones the shipping is just obscene
  3. Yes. I am realizing this quickly and am already working on a rebuild or hunting. K26 brickwork that arnt going to kill me. Lot of tiny house work to do so I won't be hitting the forge again for a little while anyway. Can't make the wife too upset. Tempted to buy a 24 pack of k26 and just sell off 12 of them. But I'd be dead for dropping another $250 on the forge right now.
  4. I will most likely go the tunnel forge route. Or at the least I will spend the extra for k26. The k23 I have in it is just so brittle. Though I did manage to salvage on of the broken bricks by trimming it down into a bung for the rear forge opening.
  5. That's perfect then. I have a scrap piece of 1/2" plate that looks like it was cut out of something with an oxyaccetaleen(sp?). Its about 2"x10". I'll clean the edges of it down and it use it.
  6. May do just that. My bigger concern is that the head in profile has a bit of a rounded dome shape to it. Made it a bit harder to get things trued up after bending. Thank you all. Without the forum I wouldn't have made this point. It has truly shown me that even what I thought I knew I needed to check and verify. It is a lesson i intend to keep with me.
  7. Next day off will be a pair of flat tongs so I can work small pieces instead of just long stock. This is a life dream I've had since I was 6 and my grandmother used to take me to the renaissance fair. All I wanted to do was sit and watch the Smith's work. 27 years later and I'm at the very start of following that dream. So happy I want to cry.
  8. My first forged whatsit. I decided to work on my tapering and bending, so I made a fire hook for my fire table. Its basic but I got a taper I'm really happy with.
  9. Got my 6 year old involved. He had a blast using my hide mallet to chisel. I will be grabbing a set of ratchet straps from HF to wrap it with to be in the safe side. The spongy was only on the first inch or so from the end. Then it got solid. Love the notch in the tree to hang my hammer from.
  10. Alright. My whole yard is sand so that will be easy. I was thinking of using a piece of 1/2 round stock I have a 6" drop of. And then using conduit brackets with long deck screws to secure them. Any reason this would not work? Also as a noob working on my forging vocabulary, a bick is similar to an anvil horn? I have the bits and chisels working in it now. Turns out the log is cedar which is a pleasant surprise. Though the wood feels almost spongy when I'm trying to drill and chisle.
  11. I have a 12# old royal sledge hammer head. I plan to use it as my first anvil. I would appreciate guidance on two topics. Firstly, the face of the sledge has a bit of a dome to it. Should I do anything to try to grind this down and flatten it? Are sledge heads differential heat treated and I'm going to grind off the hardened area or is the whole head hard. Secondly, I have a large log I intend to cut down and pretty-fy to use as a stand. I would really appreciate any good suggestions on how to put a square hole in the middle of this round peg.
  12. I know I sure would. Good pattern weld is my five year goal. As a fledgling smith, I can't get enough of watching experiences smiths make Damascus.
  13. Thank you. That gives me a lead. I have wondered forever. It's quite domed on the larger face so I'm sure I'll find some good uses for it moving forward.
  14. I already have a air compressor with no compressor that will be the next forge. I've already learned that I do not like IFB. I had three bricks break converting down to one burner. Time to squerill some money away bit by bit for some wool and castable. Gotta put some walls up in the tiny house first though. In the meantime this forge will be a good start and has taught me so much. Both ideas about design and what is good and bad. And also the basic skills with many of my metalworking and welding tools.
  15. Went to the flea market before work. Please don't tell the wife. Almost came home with a hand crank coal forge. Sadly they had sold both of their anvils already. But I did get my first proper cross pen hammer.
  16. I had been thinking this may be helpful. Especially for times I may want to open the back of the forge partially for longer items. How do you have your shield shaped? I have yet to finalize if I will be forging indoor or out. I live in florida so it rains here A LOT.
  17. For those who read this thread much later. Went down to one burner and blocked the rear of the forge. The exhaust from the forge was suffocating the burners. The forge now heats metal yellow hot.
  18. Wooo! Went down to the one burner. Closed off the back end. After heating the forge for about 10 minutes I put a 1/2 x1/4 mild steel bar in. First 4 or 5 inches got a nice yellow hot. So happy I might cry a bit.
  19. Sounds great. I will reconfigure down to one burner after work tommorow and make another attempt. Videos to follow. Hopefully of a hot happy forge.
  20. Ok. I will take a look at both. Luckily the bottom is open so I can easily remove the bricks and just put a solid brick in place of the burner. The two burners was from a previous burner design i had attempted before finding the great plans for the t burners here. Should I try to fully close the back or will blocking the opening with a firebrick on the back shelf be enough? I can't thank you enough for the advice and direction.
  21. Did a soapy water test. Had a leak. Retightened and no leaks. The heat expansion would make sense to me. I will try turning the back off. I did indeed put a valve on each burner. I will see if that helps.
  22. When I first light it it does just fine. Then when it starts to really glow this happens. For those who can't see the video the flame suddenly stops being blue and goes to a flame similar to a lighter comes out of the top of the burner pipes as well as both openings. 20190202_171227.mp4 20190202_180831.mp4
  23. On a second attempt I tried it with more pressure and it went longer without issue. But then the same thing. 20190202_180831.mp4
  24. So....it starts out fine. Without closing it off I'm getting to a nice orange glow then this happens. 20190202_171227.mp4
  25. Another question. Does it seem like the distance of brass there will be enough to keep a rubber propane hose a safe distance. I intend to disconnect it on shutdown to avoid issues with chimney effect.