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  1. Awesome. Of course we want pictures. We love pictures. May it serve your family for generations
  2. In a shocking turn of events she just kinda shrugged and looked at me in a disappointed manner.
  3. Thanks for the advice yall. I've been meaning to start learning heat treating anyway. And lord knows there is enough stock to dial it in if its hardenable and still have plenty left.
  4. Went to one of my local tool mongers today. Grabbed some smalls. He had this waiting for me gratis. Someone gave it to him in case he ran into a smith. Any advice and info on what on earth I can do with it is appreciated.
  5. I'm not even going to try to hide this one. Would just make it worse. I'm a dead man walking either way.
  6. Yeah. Up until a few weeks ago it was the wife and kids daily driver. Still working on cleaning up the mess .
  7. Bringing this beauty home today. Saw it in the antique mall. I know it had been there for a while so I was able to haggle to a happy medium.
  8. Picked up this bench top crimper. Gonna make some dies and use it as a guillotine.
  9. Like Bill Engval puts it. Just 15° off cool.
  10. McLeod, You'll get used to the funny looks. My significant other doesn't understand my "silly hobby". I got flak for buying my anvil for 6 months before she let up.
  11. Found an old rusty masons sledge today for dirt cheap. Decided to change it to a French style crosspein with a rounding face. Would love feedback. Is the rounded face geometry ok?
  12. Mr. Moose. I have the same. Been forging on it for a bit over a month now and love mine to death.
  13. That's awsome. Would have been my choice but the price tag pushed me the other way. I'm sure you'll enjoy it emensly
  14. CGL: Thank you. The fork is going to the home forge for some more refinement. To say I'm having a blast at lessons is a massive understatement. Every time I light a forge and pick up a hammer it brings me Joy. Actual true joy. My life has been a bit difficult from an early age and this craft is the first thing that has ever made me truely joyful.
  15. Had my second lesson today. Made a fork from some 1/2" square stock. And a punch and splitter from a bent crowbar I got on the cheap.
  16. Pinto, If you havent already figured your anvil out, I have a 110# Kanca. I love it to death. As a green smith I've already had a few misses and hit the anvil instead of my work with not a mark. I also find myself using the square horn quite frequently. Hope whatever anvil you decide it serves you well.
  17. Wow. That price tag though. I spent a quarter of that on my two burner devilforge. For that kind of money you could buy a habanero by chili.
  18. Yes. Trying to decide if I want to weld it or drill and tap so I can make the handle removable.
  19. My new Pexto wrench for doing twist work. They dont make them like they used to.
  20. Woo. Love pictures. Didn't even think of bike style chain. Glad I havent made mine yet. Mr.Moose. Is that a Kanca?
  21. Once I realized how much I like hanging my hammer I decided to do some night forging to hang my tongs as well.
  22. Got to fire up the forge at home today for.its inaugural run. Immediately got about fixing my bad habit of always dropping my hammer.