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  1. There are a few of us on the forum who have posted our thoughts and experiences both good and bad with Kanca anvils. One of the retailers will ship anvils under 150 pounds inside the US for less than $20. My 110 pound Kanca cost less new than a comparable used anvil of similar size in my area. 

    Definatly take the time to put in the research. This is a tool that with proper care will last not just a lifetime, but several.

  2. My forge is a devil forge. I found that the coating that comes with is really in line with the cost of the forge (kinda cheap). A layer of Kast-o-lite is probably I good idea for longevity. 

  3. Frosty,

    With it being belt driven, would I be able to change out the step pulley for a slower speed. Mind you I'm quite happy having a bandsaw for wood. Just wondering if there would be ways to modify it for both. With the open body im not even opposed to switching the motor out to something variable speed. 



    That's what I thought. Pritchel hole and everything. My 12yo is down for the summer and i thought I'd mount it for his height as a starter anvil. Hes been excited to try his hand at smithing. Worse case if he doesn't get into it I figure I'll cut the webbing and make it into a nice slender hardy bick.

    And when I asked him what he wanted and said go ahead and take it.

  4. Early Father's Day present from my local big orange box's tool rental counter. Was with the boys teaching my 7 year old what different tools were. Asked if he had any busted ones. Turns out they had just tossed them. After explaining why I was looking he found this partially used one and gave it to me. 

    Hot cut hardy and several other tools here I come.