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  1. Dawson,

    Blacksmithing shapes steel into everything from tools, to chandeliers,  to gates, to statues, to swords and knifes, to small delicate jewelry. 

    And the tools required vary just as greatly..

    If you were making gates and large pieces an air hammer would be helpful, knifes a grinder, statues a good welding rig. Ect. 

    It's not possable to be specific in an answer for you without knowing which facet of the craft you are going to focus on.

  2. Zach,

    I am a very green new smith as well. One place that I have found several ideas has actually been my local library. They only had three books on blacksmithing but one was a primer (book for someone with little to no knowledge on a subject) and the other two were both beginner blacksmith books with project ideas. 

    Welcome to the addiction. :)

  3. Sweet. Ty much. So exciting. I had no idea oak was so dense, it's going to add a lot more mass to my anvil.

    Little instant karma. The tree went down on an older neighbor's property. The power company cut it up and left it so I went to help them out and haul some off and stack the rest out of their yard. All the other pieces were 14-16 inches. This was the only large chunk and it was.the perfect 22" I needed with a cross section that's just a bit larger then my anvil base, and the cuts are almost dead parallel. 

  4. Found an oak log with the correct height and size to mount my anvil a few days ago. Am looking for tips on good ways to remove the bark. Also what would be a good finish to use to seal the log to prevent rot. I live in florida and so humidity is always high. I've already figured out the mounting once I have it cleaned up. 


  5. Anvils tend not to be the kind of thing most people will ship. So pricing tends to be regional. So if you look at other anvils that have been for sale in your area and look at price per pound they form a range for your area. Thomas is saying that that style of anvil would fall lower on that range but it is in good shape and so will do a little better than a similar style/construction style of anvil in worse condition.

    Example: the anvils in my area range from $4-8/pound. That anvil would fall closer to the four dollar a pound range due to the style but I might get 5 a pound in my area due to the condition.

    Other factors that you need to check are ring and rebound. These indicate condition far better than appearance and have a HUGE impact on value.

  6. Jhcc, 

    That's so cool. I might have to give that a try. Folk round here would love that. 


    Definatly too much. But she laughs at it now and it has turned into a running joke played on each of the younger females in the family the first time they get preggers. Though we now let them in that its a joke after a few minutes.