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  1. I don't think you will have any issues selling any of them, very nice
  2. I did make a set of tongs but found than when I made the hammer the end curls need modified some to be efficient and they need to be a little heavier, I drew them out a little too much
  3. that's a dandy...guess I need to look for some 3", that makes the one I just forged seem like a tack hammer!!!
  4. Thanks, my plan is to keep going with hammers and other tools I really enjoy the heavier type forging. Everything I forge seems to teach me something
  5. Punch and drifted without any holes
  6. Thanks arkie, it was definitely a learning experience
  7. This is the first hammer that I have made it was 1- 1/2 4140. Final weight is just under 2 lbs. Just wanted to have a go at it before I attempt the 2" stock for the 4lb er', there are a few issues with it but any feedback / criticism is appreciated, I tested it and it works so I would say a success.
  8. I drift from both at gives it the hourglass shape, JME Im from Canonsburg where abouts are you from? You a member of PAABA
  9. very nice das
  10. SJS, thanks. It is not finished I will be borrowing a tool from a friend to forge the cup more so I will have a few more heats into it and I do agree that nice forgings save tons of finishing time. I didn't mind stopping at this point as I was about out of breath and needed a good rest.
  11. Made my cupping tool today from 1-1/2" axle took about 8-9 heats and a ton of swinging but did it, a little dressing but it will work I think.
  12. Das nice roses....I made a pair of hammer pickup tongs, still need finished up but mostly done
  13. Nice work LB, very clean and neat, I am also working on these tools and just happened to find a local supplier that has drops of 1 1/2" 4140 close to 4' long for $25. Lots of work to be done just need to dig up some extra time.
  14. Very nice, and obviously has tons of meaning...that's the best
  15. Looking good