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  1. 4140...prob not my first choice but it’s what I had in a size I wanted to try
  2. It would be a custom fit as I didn’t drift all the way due to smaller size..... thanks das
  3. Just keep after it, correct issues you know of and press forward. The correct tongs help dramatically, if you can’t hold it you can’t hit it.
  4. Metal baby gate on top of a hospital tray base
  5. I’m glad it’s going to be used instead of holding down my shop floor. Was good to meet you.
  6. I will be there camping on site. This will be my third year there but first to camp there, maybe even get into the forging competition
  7. I see a lot of people have been busy on lots of great items here are mine from recent, rod brackets horseshoe hooks and a pile of hammers
  8. Large hammer / small sledge all hand forged with striker and no drilling,just shy of 7 lb and two commissions a 2 lb er and 1.75 lb
  9. Got bored and went to the shop for a little while and made a small ball peen....first one..not a fan of the proportions but it will work
  10. Das a woman wanted something to mount on large doors in here home...that used to be a barn...partially her idea with the shoes and I knew someone with the used draft horse ones and coupled them with some spikes drawn out slightly
  11. A few hammers from the weekend and a set of commissioned door pulls I made today
  12. Yea she will shine once I get done grinding on it... ......sorry ...I couldn't resist, it will not get any grinding I assure everyone, possibly electrolysis
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