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  1. SJS, thanks. It is not finished I will be borrowing a tool from a friend to forge the cup more so I will have a few more heats into it and I do agree that nice forgings save tons of finishing time. I didn't mind stopping at this point as I was about out of breath and needed a good rest.
  2. Made my cupping tool today from 1-1/2" axle took about 8-9 heats and a ton of swinging but did it, a little dressing but it will work I think.
  3. Das nice roses....I made a pair of hammer pickup tongs, still need finished up but mostly done
  4. Nice work LB, very clean and neat, I am also working on these tools and just happened to find a local supplier that has drops of 1 1/2" 4140 close to 4' long for $25. Lots of work to be done just need to dig up some extra time.
  5. Very nice, and obviously has tons of meaning...that's the best
  6. Looking good
  7. Gonna have to to test out the punch for sure, I'm up for it
  8. Went to forge with Daswulf yesterday for a while, had a blast, made a hammer eye punch from 4140 and a few spike bottle openers, both tested to be functional I must say. This was the first eye punch that either of us made on our own and first time I have made a bottle opener of this style. Das thanks had fun
  9. Seen it in person today it's awesome.
  10. Pretty good for first. I like the cube twist
  11. Nice work Das, as always
  12. LB I have the same issue / reaction as you do when punching but do not use any punch lube but need to try it
  13. They are 6mm x 1.0 checked them out with thread gauge and even had a tap to match, now just hope I don't use them all to get 1 burner going haha...
  14. Very nice LB, do you remember what size stock you used for each piece
  15. punches are old damaged punches reconfigured to stuff I need and the others are pieces of some type of lug type wrench, no quench or temper I want to try them first