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  1. Good meeting you too das hope to see you tomorrow
  2. There are about 6-8 smiths at the show...stop and talk for a while
  3. Stop and see me at the blacksmith shop just ask for Jim.....das stop by
  4. I will be there Friday. Have to get home to pour concrete in the shop
  5. I'm in Canonsburg Pa not too far from you, I've been through Blacksville many times as I do service work for the coal mines. Just as Das said I'm no Pro but sure can beat up a hot piece of steel.
  6. I don't think you will have any issues selling any of them, very nice
  7. I did make a set of tongs but found than when I made the hammer the end curls need modified some to be efficient and they need to be a little heavier, I drew them out a little too much
  8. that's a dandy...guess I need to look for some 3", that makes the one I just forged seem like a tack hammer!!!
  9. Thanks, my plan is to keep going with hammers and other tools I really enjoy the heavier type forging. Everything I forge seems to teach me something
  10. Punch and drifted without any holes
  11. Thanks arkie, it was definitely a learning experience
  12. This is the first hammer that I have made it was 1- 1/2 4140. Final weight is just under 2 lbs. Just wanted to have a go at it before I attempt the 2" stock for the 4lb er', there are a few issues with it but any feedback / criticism is appreciated, I tested it and it works so I would say a success.
  13. I drift from both at gives it the hourglass shape, JME Im from Canonsburg where abouts are you from? You a member of PAABA
  14. SJS, thanks. It is not finished I will be borrowing a tool from a friend to forge the cup more so I will have a few more heats into it and I do agree that nice forgings save tons of finishing time. I didn't mind stopping at this point as I was about out of breath and needed a good rest.