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  1. Looks good to me. If it pulls a cork all the better. Daswolf, they are not. But it’s interesting that you asked. I have been looking at various sizes of stamps and pondered the thought of making my own. The shoe turned out wonky, and the horse head was a collaboration with my son.
  2. Cool little lathe. I sure wish I could stumble upon some vintage tools from my forefathers.
  3. So I asked for hammers, I was very specific. Made some bottle openers for my sons and brother-in-law, corkscrews for my sister-in-law and mother/in-law. The wife already wrapped the bottle openers before I could get a picture.
  4. So as a new blacksmith, this is the first time I have ever asked for coal for Christmas. I was just wondering what some of the popular blacksmith gifts are this year. What are you asking for or what are you giving?
  5. Thanks for all the advice, especially jlpservices, by the way, love your videos. I will probably rewatch some of the chain making videos and start there. By the way, I am using coal.
  6. I have decided to try forge welding. Should I use flux or not? And, what size of stock would be best to start with?
  7. I have mocked up a chimney for my forge but have little faith in my design. I've read a lot of posts and looked at lots of designs for super sucker and side draft chimneys, but I'm still not confident in my understanding of how this will work. My design is a bit of a cross between the two, I'm trying to achieve a traditional look, but if it doesn't function why bother? I need advice/input!!!
  8. Great advice from the Senior members, I will certainly adhere to the hammer and welding knowledge.
  9. Kevin, thanks for sharing this, I make my way to Branson almost every year, I will have to make this one of my future stops.
  10. Thanks for this witty bit of advice. I like it. Now to figure out what to do with all this shiny stuff.
  11. Oh yeah, it rolls real nice. That was important to me, I was wanting to make sure it would be easy to move in and out of a small shop. Those wheels have all cast iron spokes and hubs, they each weigh about 50lbs.
  12. Thanks fellas. I will take your advice. Unfortunately I have access to an almost unlimited supply of the cylinder rods.
  13. I came across these pins and a cylinder rod, I believe they are case hardened, the fact is, I don't know what they are made of. Is it a bad idea to try and burn it?
  14. Good ideas, I think I will follow up soon with a swing arm. I have just started researching hoods and chimney's, I wasn't sure if I would need one. My thought was if the smoke is blowing my way I could just turn the whole forge down wind for now.