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  1. Hello, all. I'm not looking to buy. Just getting that out there, haha. I'm in the process of Hoping to buy one, so no worries there. What I am looking for, however, is someone that has a 100# or 125# Bradley compact that's pretty well complete, or knows someone with one I could get in touch with that would be willing to let me study it; or possibly get me any information at all. The one I'm maybe buying is in pretty rough shape, so it would be Awesome to have access to one so I could figure out what it needs, measurements, etc. I live in NC, so maybe someone "local" might see this? Anyway, thanks to everyone that sees this, and to anyone that can help!
  2. Alright. First of all, for what it's worth and If this is even allowed past the moderators, my removing me post was to a conveniently and Heavily edited response from a moderator (based on the tone, I imagine Mr. Sells) that was Far more scathing, rude, and unwarranted than my initial response could have been. Could I have said sarcastic? Smart aleck? I could have, and for offending someone and violating forum rules, I apologize. I will not, however, apologize for my tone, or having made the post. It was a yes or no question, simple and clean, and nothing was asked for or offered other than my getting derided over not providing as much information as wasn't necessary to answer the initial question. Someone just wanted to show how smart they were, and wanted to use my post as an opportunity to do it. That didn't, and doesn't, fly with me. Period. I want to be taught, learn, and enrich my knowledge in this artistic arena. Truly. What I don't need is to be "taught a lesson" with regards to Anybody trying to "put me in my place" by being insulting and condescending, which is what I felt Mr. Powers was doing, and what Mr. Sells Is doing. If you deciding I'm a former troll is what you're going to do to put me down, go for it. It's not true in the slightest, but I don't particularly care. You want me out of the club, kick me out. Oh, and Spare me the "We should to protect you." nonsense. You're only getting rid of me to stroke an ego, make an example, or whatever self-serving end you're actually meeting. You accused me of acting like a three year old, but have you thought about how you're acting, Mr. Trunchbull? Anyway, it's done. Remove me, keep me, I don't care. Bob Brandl Admin Edit: Personal contact information to Mr. Sells removed. Off site link removed.
  3. To me, heat treating means everything from post forging annealing all the way through to tempering. Annealing is a stage, same as hardening. I honestly don't need anyone, experienced or otherwise, to be kind of a xxxxxxxx or take it upon themselves to teach me a lesson. If I'm asking, logic and deductive reasoning dictates that I'm planning to use it as an anvil, which means that whether I used proper terminology or not (which I did), you know exactly what I'm asking and can hazard an answer to my question. Thank you, all the same. You posed a open question and details were asked for, be aware there are other uses for a 4140 fork tyne than just an anvil, and the heat treating requirements for them are different.
  4. Not sure if this is in the right place or not, so feel free to move if not. Anyway, I've got a 140# piece of saw cut fork, and was wondering if it is heat treated. I know that 4140 (or 4340?) is tough stuff, and at the thickness my piece is, it may well not have been heat treated. I just wanted to check before I went to a ton of trouble trying to heat treat that big a chunk of steel. Thanks, all!
  5. How much are you asking, I have a 1928 Beaudry 100# utility hammer that I love and use everyday.


  6. Thank you all So much for your info and insight!
  7. Hello, all. I have recently purchased a Beaudry #11 from a gentleman, and now have to figure out how to get it hereunder in my shop. Biggest thing, though, is that I have to get a phase converter for the beast. I'm looking at a 15hp rotary, but haven't any idea what brands to avoid, look into. Never messed with one, but know enough to know that I'm dangerous. Any suggestions? Thanks, everyone!
  8. Hello, all. So, as you might guess from the title of this post, I have a Beaudry #4, and I'm trying to "convert" it. It was originally designed to run off of a line shaft back in 1918. I'd like to run it that way, but my shop setup necessitates a different way to run it. So to that end, I've been beating my head against all the walls trying to figure out how to just 86 the jack shaft and have the hammer run directly off the motor. Anybody have any suggestions? If so, thank you So very much!!