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  1. Nice to meet ya, if ever near me, be sure to drop by! dont forget your hammer! Littleblacksmith
  2. If you're ever in the area shoot me a pm, and come on over! Nice to have you here Littleblacksmith
  3. did you pick her up? This evening I will be looking at an 1837 William foster 101lb anvil at $200, decent shape, but a decent price. Littleblacksmith
  4. This may be a little stupid question, but how does it go on? I'm thinking about making some, they would sell probably purty good. Littleblacksmith
  5. I don't have any apprentices, but I darn sure wish I did. The thing is is that if they don't know a lick about forging, than you cant have them doing any forging, but if you need something like holes drilled, they could forge rivets, go make runs to the steel supplier and welding store if need be, I really don't know, just thinkin out loud. Just stuff that's pretty straight foreword that's hard to screw up! what's the apprentices skill level? obviously he isn't a master smith, or else he wouldn't be an apprentice. Littleblacksmith and also not knowing what your shop tends to forge makes it difficult to suggest things that would help your business, and not just be a waste for you.
  6. well his anvils have all the dies on one surface, but he doesn't do any swages, just fullers and butchers. I think put a couple on one side that would be used the most and a flat spot for your general forging, leave one of the other sides completely flat for straightening longer sections, and then fill the other sides with dies as you go. I would just do the anvil Like Brian's, and then a couple swages on another side. but that's ME and would be best for the work I DO. Littleblacksmith
  7. I wish!! though the first thing I did when I got back was got a cold one..... Littleblacksmith typically I only have like one a week, but my mama said since the special circumstances that she reckoned I could have one.....If only I had more "special circumstances"
  8. Thanks guys. got back around 2:00 today from the doctors. we weighted about an hour to be seen for something that took no more than 10 minutes. he looked at it, put some stuff on to numb it, took a cue tip and got 'er off, and then washed my eye with some stuff that burned like fire. gave me some antibiotic stuff to put in my eye every 4 hours, he said I should be fine. so that's good news! today finished a knife, and cut out all the pieces for a guillotine tool. the hole eye thing set me back about a day though. this upcoming week I will be working at a survival camp (this time being paid!), have a cousin coming over tomorrow, and leave to Nebraska on Friday, so will be pretty packed and busy! Littleblacksmith now Frosty, the hole thing about not wanting a car over 20 yrs old, well, I'm weird. I would get it. depends of course though on a lot of factors, id prefer if it wasn't running and needed an axle and sway bar replaced, just means more scrap!
  9. I'm thinkin the pattern would be between a cable Damascus pattern, and etched course wrought iron. Littleblacksmith
  10. Thank ya'll for your concerns. I understand what you are saying. I don't really like mechanical hammers, they hit really fast, and I just don't like them, I REALLY like the self contained hammers. maybe I'll get a Nazel 3b? this was the one I used, it was a joy.
  11. I looked at the discussions over sucker rod just now, and they seem to be along the lines of talks about the carbon content of rebar....unknown, varies from place to place, manufacturer to manufacturer, and the stuff from the sour gas wells can kill ya. Littleblacksmith
  12. I meant to comment on that, forgive me for not. nicely done! if you had wanted one like that, I could have done one like that, I still will if you want one......I hadn't thought of doing a wrap around handle, good thinking. I would change the angle on the grind a little more acute, not much, just enough that you can get by, but making it a more effective tool. good job. well you see, that's what the cream soda is for...... Littleblacksmith ooohhhh, thanks for the encouragement.......hahaha that put a smile on my face! Littleblacksmith
  13. that would, just have to put it in the sand level. I had thought about mentioning it. glad you brought it up though, I don't see no reason why it wouldn't. Littleblacksmith
  14. I understand, it is being difficult on a Saturday night to find one. Littleblacksmith
  15. yes, my parents are trying to find a place to go. We did put in they drops, the piece is still there, but I do feel better. We will probably go. good 'ole Leonard! we did try a magnet, it didn't get it, but that's not saying it's not steel. just hoping it's not steel. Littleblacksmith This doesn't really have anything, I'm just excited, my parents said there is a possibility in the future for me to buy a power hammer if I can get the money. It wouldn't be nothin big, just like a 25lb little giant. it would be in the barn next door to my shop, we would cut a door in the barn and my shop so I would have a straight walk way to the PH.