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  1. or the dreams where your fighting someone and you cant punch. last night I dreamed that underneath a railroad trestle was sorta like a yard sale, but everything was free. picked up a few cross peins and a bunch of files and one hot cut hardy. or something like that. I dream about blacksmithing a lot though, and I had a dream very similar to this one a few nights ago. Littleblacksmith
  2. Pm sent! Thank you! Littleblacksmith
  3. Yes sir! I didn't get around to lighting the forge, mothers orders, ya'll know how that goes. Here is the pattern welded steel I forged last weekend. I'm not the most pleased with it. I did do a cub twist and folded it over, but the pattern looks as if i never did even fold it. Littleblacksmith
  4. Thank you! The video was helpful. I had made the latest chain a while back, about a year ago, and so not much of my work that i did back then i was pleased with, but was a learning experience. I will have to try and remember to try some chain and see if i have improved. Littleblacksmith
  5. Thank ya'll very much, I hope to meat all ya'll some day. man, i would pay people to hang out in the shop. I really enjoy blacksmithing with others. I'm not much of a people person, but I will talk your ear off about blacksmithing if you even mention anything about steel, knives, coal, forges, anything that I could possibly relate to blacksmithing! I'm 14 turning 15 this year. yeah, it really is amazing how attached you get to them. And man, she used to shed like crazy. My dad even shed a few tears for her which I have never seen him cry until then. I think that this week is just going to be one of those weeks. Today we had one of the four STARR test. basically a 4 hour long test that determines weather or not you move on to the next grade. today was math, tomorrow is reading, then science and history are later in the month. weather won't be the greatest; rain. time to go finish that hot cut. Littleblacksmith I really wish more people used there hands for more than texting.
  6. you should see this- Littleblacksmith
  7. true. But I probably wont bother with that. I don't really even need to make myself a new hardy, cause I already got one that fits, but just kinda felt like it. and also since i already have started making another one, more the reason. I don't mind helping out another smith and giving that one away. Littleblacksmith.
  8. That pic was when I was setting up, so I had A TON more stuff! I used a old fence panel for that vertical display that people were throwing out that had blown over. I would think ya'll got that over there, but who knows, maybe ya'll are "free range Europeans". The handle wood on the Damascus knife is Pau Ferro, I love that stuff! The other one is Zapata. Just some cheap stuff I got in a handle scale lot on eBay a while back. The glass on for the rain gauges is just something from Walmart. The thing is that, with out the rain gauge the spiral looks terrible 'cause it is in even, but with the gauge they look decent enough to put on the table. Thank you, thank you, thank you, everybody!! We had our dog put down today, so that really dampened today. It was the worst. she was the best dog i have ever knew, the sweetest thing ever. she was 14 and had cancer, and was in poor shape because of that. just really sad. It makes it hard to come home with out her here to great you. Really hard. Because of that I had to forge, just had to get myself together. I forged a Brian Brazeal hot cut, which turned out too small. then i started another one that should fit properly. I was surprised with how quick they take! I came back inside in a much better mood, Blacksmithing truly is therapeutic. Maybe i should hold "therapy sessions". it would be really interesting to see the person's face when they show up to the shop. Ok, I'll stop, its getting a little weird.... If anyone knows somebody or is that person who has an anvil with a hardy hole that is 5/8-3/4" than let me know and I'll give this to you, i don't have a use for it. It is just about 3/4 one way, and about a mm smaller than 3/4" the other way, so it would work best if yours was a little smaller than 3/4" square. if you are wanting me to send you this so that you can sell it and get a few bucks, keep walking. Keep walking till you find the employment office. I have no respect for people like that. I am doing this to help someone in the world of blacksmithing, not put money in your pocket. I would prefer if this person is someone who is serious about blacksmithing, not someone who does it only once every few months. In Loving memory of Lilly, we will miss you. And no this picture she is not dead.
  9. Thursday I made a quick little display for the fair I had Saturday, and finished both of the knives I was working on. Saturday was the fair and I did great! I sold twice as much as I did last time, with a total of $801! and about another $100 in orders, and possibly two demos. Today I tried doing some Damascus. Went well, though the pattern wasn't how I expected it. I started with 28 layers of band saw blade and pallet strapping. Forge welded solid and drawn out square. did a cube twist and folded over. then was forge welded and used a top fuller to forge in some depressions. cut that in half and took a piece of left over cable Damascus and formed it into it. then forge welded that. I will try and get pics tomorrow.
  10. I have alecs online classes, and I have taken a class with Matt Marti who was taught by Brian Brazeal and is good friends with alec. Then I have also gone over to Matt's and have forged some tools to make hammers. I have also made a rounding hammer on my own, a cupping tool, small bottom fuller, hammer eye drift, large bottom fuller, and 2 sets of hammer eye tongs. Littleblacksmith
  11. Another thing, DO NOT GRIND, MILL, OR WELD ON THE FACE OF THE ANVIL! it will ruin it! a working tool doesn't have to be shiny and nice and crisp to be a working tool. that anvil has a thin high carbon steel (harder steel) face plate that has been forge welded on. The more you grind, the less of that face plate is still there, and that is what makes anvils like that what they are; the face plate. With out it, it wont hold up as well as it could, and you will take generations of work out of that beauty. I'm not trying to pick on you, its just that i have seen too many tools ruined by people who were trying to "restore" it or "fix" it, and where they ended up getting just a little more than scrap prices ($0.10 a pound).
  12. I have a Trenton. great anvils. Also, weight is a Very important thing in determining value. give us some pics and we can help guess the weight, or put it on a bathroom scale. Nice find! Littleblacksmith
  13. I enjoy Paduak. Nicely done. Littleblacksmith
  14. Today I heat treated 2 knives while getting pelted by June bugs, mowed the yard, got a hair cut, and made a plant hanger. I'm hoping I can finish the knives by Saturday. Polish the blades tomorrow, glue the handles on Wednesday, shape them Thursday, and then we leave town Friday. this will all be done in the evenings after school. and between that I need to price everything, make a table top display, and pull everything else together for the show. Littleblacksmith
  15. what I did yesterday. Drilled a ton of holes in my coat hooks, plant hangers, etc.. Then wire wheeled a ton of stuff and clear coated a bunch of stuff. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys doing the same thing or even similar thing over and over, so this wasn't the most enjoyable thing, but was something that needed to be done to get ready for the upcoming fair. Remember how I had said that I had made some leafs out of wrought iron and that I had them sitting in some acid to bring out the grain? well it turned out it wasn't wrought iron. That's all right because I came up with a new technique.... sorta. After coming out of the etch i wire brushed them with the block brush cold, and it gave a really clean finish. almost looks like silver. Littleblacksmith