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  1. Christmas Gift Ideas

    I recently made these ones recently. Forged from 1/8x1/2". And some more key chain ideas. Oh and that link is a how to slide show. Littleblacksmith
  2. For Those Who Metal Detect

    Think so too, at least here though any iron you pull out of creeks are in a 1/2" thick cocoon of rust. Littleblacksmith
  3. For Those Who Metal Detect

    Very nice find Chris! I only seem to find parts of the old padlocks like yours. I don't have problems finding ones from the 1940s to present. Man, now I wonder what else could be in that creek! That's also in good shape for being found in water, typically when you first find iron in water you can't even tell what it is until you literally bust off the rust. Littleblacksmith
  4. For Those Who Metal Detect

    I had read this, and meant to respond but forgot, thank you Aus for bringing this back to my attention. I looked up mine tags and they look the same as the ones you have found, I think you are right with the identification, especially with that one saying "old eagle mine". Funny story about a crock, (and for you Ausies, no I don't mean a crocodile!). I was bottle digging in an old dump, and I could see what I thought was part of a crock sticking out, so I continued digging, expecting it to be a small part. I kept digging and kept exposing more and more of it, until I could see almost the hole thing (it was laying on it's side) I kept trying to pull it out, but It wouldn't budge! so, I continued digging, but this time more on the ends, and came across a root about the diameter of my wrist. Apparently It had grown straight though it! so, it turned out that the crock wasn't whole, but that just the bottom had been busted out. oh well, it got me excited haha. Thank you Aus! no, I didn't! that was from the edge of our pond, just a water snake, about 4ft long ('bout 1.2 meters, or 1219 mm). That's not the only skins in my room. Got a rattler on my wall, not one that it shedded, or at least not willingly, if you know what I mean...And also a copperhead. I almost got bit by a rattler once (well, actually twice now thinking about it). My brother and I were metal detecting at an old barn from the 40's, and there was a an open door on the side of the barn that we were going to go through instead of going around because of some downed trees, but we saw that there were some wasp nests, and so to not risk getting stung, we decided to go the longer rout, and thank goodness we did. When we rounded the corner of the barn (the front of the barn was open, no wall), I heard the unmistakable sound of a rattler, a sound that will make you (or at least me!) stop in my tracks. It was a large rattler up against the wall that had the door that we would have gone through if there weren't the wasps, and would have stepped right over it, though I'm sure it would let us know that it was there, if you know what I mean. another time I was in a bottle dump in about a 4ft hole, my neck/head about ground level. there was a piece of tin on the edge of the whole, I had been digging there for a few hours, and was bout to head out. I knew I was in an area with rattle snakes, and so I decided to move the piece of tin so that next time there wouldn't be a chance of there being a snake, and since I had been in that hole for a while I figured there wasn't anything under it. Very stupidly I used my hand, lifted the piece of tin up to move it away, and practically dropped it back down when I saw the rattle snake coiled up underneath it. I called my dad and we took care of it. I was very shocked that I didn't get bit, I wouldn't be mad at the snake if I did get bit, because I would have deserved every bit (ha, pun) of it, lifting it up with my hand the way I did. littleblacksmith
  5. July 2017 Something for hanging on the wall

    What's the results? Littleblacksmith
  6. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    either way it will be usefull, no doubt about that. Littleblacksmith
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    oohh, and on that stump, that step out, If it were mine, I would put an upsetting block, it would go perfect there. Littleblacksmtih
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I modified what was a right angle pair of scrolling tongs to straight jaw ones, just straitened, cut (after straightening the jaws were about 4" long) and ground the jaws back to a point. Quite satisfied with them, can't wait to try them out! I have been needing a good pair of scrolling tongs since I started smithing 3 years ago. Then, by request of a member on here, I took pictures and put together a quick presentation on how I forge my flower key chains. Littleblacksmith How I Forge a Flower Key Chain.pptx
  9. For Those Who Metal Detect

    Das, good silver haul! ooohhh, and that blob top, haven't been able to find one completely intact yet, seems people here liked them for target practice...Just find the tops. The mine tags look also very similar to cow tags, neat finds! I have found cow tags here and 'cause there aren't any mines around I've always figured that's what they were. What does that one say? I also enjoy paper shotgun shells and finding out when they are from, even though most detectorists just through them out. I use this site to help date them, you've probably seen it before. neat penny with the cross Olfart. I started out with a bounty hunter and found a lot of stuff with it, nothing wrong with it. The discrimination is a little bit trickier, but it has it where you dig signals that on a different detector you would pass up, and so you find things that you typically wouldn't. I've found steel but plates off guns, forged iron, gun tools, and other stuff that on other detectors you would just pass up. Littleblacksmith
  10. For Those Who Metal Detect

    Hey ya'll been metal detecting for about 5 years off and on, enjoyed it, wanted to see how many others out there metal detect, and are willing to show there finds, including the old hand forged items. I wouldn't say I have a favorite item, too hard to choose. I use an ace 250 and the new garret water proof pin pointer, love both of them. Or if any of ya'll have happened to come across anything old or neat (or both!) than feel free to chime in, always interested to see what others are finding, some of my best finds were with my eyes and not the detector. Sorry for the quality of pictures, lighting in my room isn't the best, and it's dark out so no natural light. I tried taking some pictures of the forge welds but they wouldn't show up, and same with the heads on some rose head nails. most of this stuff is pretty amateur finds, but it keeps me happy. Littleblacksmith
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    hahaha, hopefully I have learned my lesson! wow, that is a good machine. eventually when I have the extra $$ I would like to get a Garret AT pro. I haven't really had any complaints with the pin pointer though with this one you have to hold down the button to turn it off, before the water proof garret pin pointer I had the black one that wasn't waterproof, and all you had to do was touch it, so it's just taking sometime to get used to. I know what you mean about getting lost in the hunt, one time I was metal detecting next to a house, and it turned out that on the side of the house there was a huge (biggest I've seen so far) yellow jacket nest, and I was focus on metal detecting and so I brushed up against it and got 4 stings to the face haha. At least in the rivers it seems that most of the lighter aluminum floats away, that's one thing I like about river hunting. Auquachiger passes up a lot of good big wrought iron. I remember one time he passed up a almost functioning rivet forge in Alaska, but he didn't know what it was. Littleblacksmith I will start a new thread for metal detecting in the "everything else" part of the forum.
  12. brass/copper finish

    Really like that bull aus! glad I inspired you, cool that someone like me had an effect on someone experienced as you, cool! yup, copper is much different than steel, limited working temps, got to be careful not to melt it, was surprised the horns survived and didn't melt good job! Forged aluminum, If you haven't than I recommend trying it out, it is really easy to move, literally like moving clay, but you can work it colder. Just heat it up till it is hot enough to make wood smoke, then forge. It is a joy to forge. littleblacksmith
  13. Trivets Historical sources and Modern Examples

    Me being someone who does open fire cast iron cooking, I really liked that folding trivet, I haven't seen one like that. would be nice to make one, a dutch oven is already bad enough to carry around in the woods! Littleblacksmith
  14. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    today was almost similar hahaha. I tried heat treating a small ball pein that I made a while back, a really nice one that even I couldn't find anything wrong with (thats rare haha) and I quenched in oil, thought it was cool, the oil wasn't smoking any, and I dunked it in water, and hear "ting, ting, ting", pull it out, and is covered in cracks, big ones too! you would think I would learn by now....Oh well, can always make a new one, I'm just waiting for one of my hammers to survive heat treating haha. what do you swing? I use a ace 250, and just got a new water proof garret pin pointer, really liking it. the ace 250, from the coil and shaft is all waterproof but the control box isnt, so I can still hunt in water, just got to be careful not to drop it. Metal detecting is fun, as long as you dont just fine beer cans. Its funny though, on bad days when all I find is trash, when I find a wheat penny, Im like wow, this is a really good find, then on good days when finding alot, a wheat penny is just another find. I really enjoy finding the old iron, have quite a few forged single tree peices, alot of forged horse shoes, and forged horse tack and hinges, it's cool looking at it and the forge welds and all. Im sure if I didn't do blacksmithing I would just through out the iron like other Metal detectorist do. Littleblacksmith
  15. small scale fun

    did these little key chains today. forged from 1/2x1/8" flat. the brass leaf is from 3/8" round, and the other one that is stainless is from a piece a little thicker than 1/4" round. Littleblacksmith