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  1. also people typically don't wedge top tools, as it makes it easier to replace the handle when it brakes, notice I said when. Littleblacksmith
  2. yes, let the buyer do what they want to do with it. That way they can make it for THEM. They may not want sharp crisp edges and a mirror finish, most smiths don't need 'em. Heck, they may just want to make there house feel like cracker barrel, and it may not ever touch hot steel, and they are looking for a "barn find" looking piece. And the people who know a thing or two about anvils, won't want an anvil that has been ground and welded on. Do what you want, this is what I would do, It is yours after all, we cant stop you from anything, but we WILL give your our thoughts on it. Littleblacksmith
  3. ok, that took me a bit to figure out! hahah Littleblacksmith
  4. yeah, I'll have breaks. But, blacksmithing is fun for me, I also do some metal detecting and stuff like that, not much anymore though. Maybe my "off" days I'll go to the scrap yard, or go fishing at the Brazos, and look for WI. I will also do some tool restorations. recently got a cross cut saw, those are always fun. I will be helping out at a survival camp that I've gone to for about 5 years, and I typically bring some knives to sell, but I don't have any, so I have a week to do some. then a couple weeks later I have another one, and then another one. In September I have a show, and October a show and a demo, need products for that. oh, and two knife commissions, and a commission for a pot rack. And all the full time people think, he's got it easy, that's nothin, what's he talking about! hahaha Littleblacksmith
  5. Thanks everyone! ONLY 2 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!! AND THEN I WORK MY TAIL OFF! YEAH!! Littleblacksmith
  6. Thanks! Littleblacksmith
  7. A square center punch made from 7/8" coil spring, a surprise for someone. I kinda screwed it up, by that I tried doing something different with the striking end, using a set hammer and the edge of the anvil to forge it octagonaly (new word). It got a little wonkey, choppy, and rombusy, all three my least favorite. Man, JHCC is gonna be all over me for this post. Hahaha. Littleblacksmith
  8. Ok, good to hear that, actually that's GREAT!! Yes, lots of opinions. This is mine. It doesn't matter who is holding the grinder, you are still doing the same thing; removing the face. In the words of Mr. Powers; "don't take off any more off the face than you would your own, and do your own first!" Or something along those lines. Now a 32nd is really not much, can be done with a wire weel removing a 32nd of the rust, or with hot steel, which ever you prefer. you could probably get by without much damage. Littleblacksmith
  9. wow, that's quite something! Littleblacksmith
  10. Nothing professional about grinding an anvil. It takes life out of the tool, and you don't help it but actually do harm to it. A anvil with sharp 90degree edges and a perfectly flat face isn't necessary. Those edges are far from bad. I almost never use a sharp edge, and if I need one, I can use a hardy tool that has sharp edges on it, or my striking anvil, though that is lower. Could you take a pic of the third hole closer to the step of the anvil? is it round or square, go all the way through? I'm just curiose. good find. Littleblacksmith
  11. Hammer Making tongs. Forged from 3/4" coil spring, third pair I've made. Littleblacksmith
  12. worked some on the guard for a pattern welded steel blade. The etche on it was just to get an idea of the pattern, its not the final one, I still have to heat treat the blade.
  13. From my granny's barn, like I said she is moving, so having to go through stuff. old wench, Alamo ironworks San Antonio Texas, started as a blacksmith shop and foundry on the banks of the San Antonio river in 1875, and the company is still in existence. It's purty cool, don't know what to do with though. hahah. Handle looks hand forged, and wrought iron, wrapped eye. Littleblacksmith
  14. Aaaahhhh the evolution of tool making! love it, I enjoyed that a lot! You can make a hand held v tipped punch to punch it if you'd like, or if you really want to get fancy you can weld on a handle so you don't roast your hand. got it. I forge just about all my hand tools, obviously not my anvil, and not all my hammers, though about 4 of them I made and still making more. And the ones I did buy were bought with money I made selling stuff that I made. I get my graphite from the link that John in Oly, WA mentioned. Here is a link to the thread I started on the evolution of tool making. Starting with just a hammer and hot cut and making all the tools to make the hammer and hot cut! Littleblacksmith
  15. ooohhh that looks like it would be a fun one, though every blacksmith from the state would be there and I wouldn't be surprised if the prices were high...that's a lot of Vulcans....I want those axes.... Littleblacksmith