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  1. littleblacksmith

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Like I said, that was maybe a bad example. And the thing is, is I actually enjoy watching the farrier competitions, its quite enjoyable. And yesterday I watched a live stream that Stan Bryant was filming a guy making a shoe and that was neat. I maybe should have just said that I know more of what I wanna do now, and so I focus more time learning stuff for that focus, rather that watching random videos and reading books that don't pertain to where I am wanting to go with my forging. Not to say that I don't occasionally watch a video of some one forging a sword ( I don't make swords, and don't enjoy making knives) or watch someone forging a shoe, yes I can still learn from them, but I could learn more watching someone forging something that I make more often, and learn more useful Information. Littleblacksmith.
  2. littleblacksmith

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thank you! And that fork that you made was very nice too. My work has gotten a lot cleaner looking, and I am now focusing on the little details, rather than more of just " Is this functional?". I think of smithing more as a business somewhat, I have to make money to pay for stuff, and so I think of it more strategically. I go to my shop with a list and try and cross something off of it at least. The other day I forged 16 horse shoe hearts. I used to not enjoy doing the same thing over and over, but now it doesn't bother me, I kinda enjoy it, you just get to work but you don't have to think about it because you have done it so many times. As for sharing, I want to share what I know. I would love to do more classes, and even just when some one stops by to buy some (blacksmithing) coke, I try to share stuff with them, weather its tips and tricks, or steel and materials, or where to find materials. Learning, I am maybe more selective. I realize that not all sources are credible, and you can't just always take information and go with it, you have to analyze it and ask your self just how smart and credible it sounds. And also, I know what I want to do in the forge, so when I am looking for Ideas, I don't go looking up, for example, how to forge a horse shoe, because I know I don't wanna be a farrier. That was a bad example, but I think you know what I mean. Thank you Irondragon Forge & Clay! Littleblacksmith
  3. littleblacksmith

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thank you Das! I will try Littleblacksmith
  4. littleblacksmith

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Why thank you! I like it alot too. Littleblacksmith
  5. littleblacksmith

    What did you do in the shop today?

    seems like it's been forever since I posted here. Anyways, here is some of the recent highlights. Littleblacksmith
  6. littleblacksmith

    Alec Steele Rounding Hammer

    Here is my most recent one I did with Bounty Forge. Littleblacksmith
  7. littleblacksmith

    Alec Steele Rounding Hammer

    Yup let me know if you'd like to make one. I will be offering classes soon. Littleblacksmith
  8. littleblacksmith

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I really like that hammer mudman. Littleblacksmith
  9. littleblacksmith

    Scrapyard Post Vise

    nicely done. What scrapyard in houston was that picked up at? Littleblacksmith
  10. 1045 for hammers, its easier to forge, cut, grind, and basically everything. 4140 for struck tools, especialy hammer punches. If you make hammer punch from 1045 it will bend, its got to be 4xxx or 5160 to hold up. And I prefer 4140 for top tools just because they last longer, they dont mushroom as fast. 1045 will work for most top tools, its just that they dont last as long and mushroom quickly. Littleblacksmith
  11. I'll be attending this one this Saturday in Bellville, should be pretty cool. Bounty forge will be there with a booth with Steel Wool. Anyone from here gonna be there?
  12. littleblacksmith

    It followed me home

    I didn't see your comment earlier Das, too bad you cant use the @ name and then Id have seen it the first day you had commented....anyways, pleased to hear you like it! Littleblacksmith
  13. littleblacksmith

    What's YOUR forge made of?

    AggieBlacksmith - Under the covered pavilion with all the new steel they sell plate. I think in 4x4' and 4x8' sections if I'm not mistaken. the thickest they have is maybe 1/4" though. Mack bolt and steel just a little way from there sells whatever size you need, just a little higher priced. I have seen sheets of plate in the scrap section that I pass up, but the scrap yard changes so much that what's there one day may not be there the next day. Just give me a holler when you want some coke or wanna see the shop. Littleblacksmith
  14. littleblacksmith

    The Start of My Coal Forge

    I think that's about what it costs for a 4x4' sheet of plate from Bryan Iron and metal for 1/8" though its actually a little cheaper, though its been a while since Ive bought any. If you are wanting 1/8" plate I know some one who has an over abundance of it that he would maybe sell too here in town. Littleblacksmith
  15. littleblacksmith

    What's YOUR forge made of?

    Haha, Aggie Blacksmith, That picture of the forge looks familiar...Steep hollow? Go to Bryan Iron and metal and pick up some plate and put together a forge, though do you not have a welder? That would be the cheapest is to get scrap plate rather than new. You are more than welcome to stop by here and I can show you my shop and set up, and do some forging demos if you'd like. Also have coke for sale if you need some, looks like you are wanting a coke or coal forge. Mack bolt and steel most times has anything that Bryan Iron and metal doesn't. My particular forge is an old cast iron pot from about the 1920s, but if I didn't have that I would fab up a fire pot out of some plate and put that on a steel plate table that way I have a place to store extra coke and tools. Littleblacksmith