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  1. Hey, Lemon!

    Have you checked out Four States Iron Munchers Blacksmith Association? We meet 3rd Saturday of every month just southwest of Texarkana (north side of the lake) at 2:00 PM or 1:00 PM if you want to eat lunch with the bunch before the meeting.


    1. Forged Lemon

      Forged Lemon

      Hey John,

      Wow, 4 years have almost gone by since you sent me this and I am just now seeing it. I have had a lot go on but now things are returning to normal. I was not aware of a blacksmith association but now I will definitely be looking into it! I appreciate it and hope you are still around to speak with!



    2. olfart


      Welcome back! At the moment, Four States Iron Munchers have heeded the governor's order to hold no gatherings of 10 or more people, so you'll have to speak from a distance.  But yes, I'm still around.  Just busy surviving one day at a time.

  2. Yes sir! Driving distance haha. Glad to see it as well! I got that picture the doctor ordered!
  3. Haha Yall seem pretty awesome.. Lemon is an old nickname for me that my friends "forged" for me while I was younger haha. When life gives you lemons....... Drink Vodka Cheers mates!
  4. Man, I have about 50 pallets in my back yard I had been thinking about using to build something just like this lol. Waiting for the time and some extra cash to get the other stuff. Looks good! What ratio would you say it is?
  5. Yes sir! Glad to be here! Gotta get my profile pic lol
  6. Hey man! Fellow noob here myself! I am located in Texarkana, Texas! Lot of learning to have done. Cheers mate and look forwards to seeing the hauls!
  7. Hey man! North East Texas here! Good luck on the journey! I am a noob to this whole thing haha, Cheers
  8. Hello everyone! I am Jeff! I am new to this whole thing and have yet to even begin. I have been interested in blacksmithing AND Bladesmithing ever since I was a little lamb. I believe now it is time for me to begin my journey through! Looking to meet some cool people and learn more than I care to. Currently, I am studying to be a registered Nurse (Graduate May 16th yay!). But don't worry, I have more than enough time to be on here. Again, I am new and I don't have anything pertaining to blacksmithing so any and all information to push me in the right direction is awesome! Thanks and look forwards to meeting some exciting, new people!' Jeff S.
  9. Don't worry man! I am just starting out as well. Can learn together haha,
  10. Finding an Anvil, Hammer, and Forge!

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