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  1. Wow, thanks for the input everyone! Just as I suspected, each of the different ways I've thought of to get the job done was presented back by those of you taking the time to reply. For example... John talking about coming at it from a fabrication perspective. Yeah, I work in a weld shop, and have considered just forging a "bottom cup" without the hardy shank, and welding it a top tool blank. Pnut saying to use a ball hitch. In fact, when I forge a cupping tool, I use a large ball hitch that I cut the top 1/3 off before grinding the radii, so that the thickest part of the ball
  2. Every time I watch Brian Brazeal forge with a bottom and top cup, it makes me want to make one. I really appreciate how it keeps the faces of the tool rounded, so that it combats the fish mouthing that would occur later. Here is a video showing him using the top cupping tool. The link is que'd up to 6:49 so you dont have to search for it. Now here is the reason for my post. I'd like to hear some opinions on the order of operations you all would do in forging a top cup. For example, here is one of the three ways I've thought of doing it Start with a large round stock, for
  3. I know this thread is old and this will be a long shot in the dark. But I can't resist asking about this device. Sam, if you're still hanging around these forums, would you post pictures of the thing you're describing? Or, if Sam isn't around... Has anyone got any information on this sifter?
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