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Found 23 results

  1. This latest video has a production glitch.. I am posting it because it's has good information other than the non sync issue which is in process with the software company.. I really don't want to edit it again in the other software as I'm burnt out.. I can do about 40hrs on the edit than I start going crazy and want to run away.. **** this video was in response to a comment from a fellow smith about how plain and not really graceful a 4 rod handle is vs a higher count handle.. While I for the most part agree there are ways to make a lower count handle as graceful and interesting.. This is an example I forged to show him.. This video is more about the handle itself and how it's done.. The end finial is not really covered as this technique was covered in the "How to Forge bolts"video..
  2. Hi, I decided to experiment with a way to make a tealight candle holder from plate. Here is the result.
  3. Alec Steel posted a youtube tour of the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop in Sydney. Very drool-worthy, especially the steam driven hammers. Well worth the time to watch.
  4. Hello! I have seen Nathan Robertson use this style of tongs and finally decided to give them a try. If you're interested and can handle another tongs video, here is my first try on this style. They seem quite versatile! I haven't tried them out much yet but time will tell how well they work...
  5. Hello, Candlesticks or candle holders are nice projects for the holiday season. A couple of weeks ago I made this video. Hope it can bring some inspiration!
  6. Hi, I made this video earlier back in September but forgot to post it here. Here I show how to make a simple touchmark stamp. With a steady hand and a dremel you might manage to do quite complex designs, I just use files for this one.
  7. Here's another huge benefit of living in NYC; blacksmithing is magic to everyone here. To some it's a "lost craft" and to others a art form. Whatever they call it, it's all just good marketing to me This video was made by Matt Mandrus, his documentary series can be found here: paradiseproductions.squarespace.com/ Obviously there's a couple things I would like to change the wording on, or would have liked to put some more PPE for the shot... but overall what a fantastic job he did! He has thing for using the first take to show the more human side of me... and my inability to form a complete sentence haha. I love how he added a touch of himself too it to when he reaches out to grab the hearing protection. Leme know what y'all think
  8. I'm lucky to have such fantastic friends. My buddy AJ put together this great video for me; it was recorded last summer at Marsha Trattner's forge in Brooklyn where I had been renting space and forge use. I was very fortunate to have access to her equipment, which made for some pretty awesome filming. Let me know what yall think
  9. Hello! It has been a while since I posted anything here... well today I finished a small project. Here is the video and I hope it can be of some interest to you all.
  10. David is a good friend and great smith, we will be demonstrating together at the 2015 Southeastern Blacksmith conference in May. Enjoy!
  11. Hi, I have been experimenting with a small unique (i think) project - a candle shaper. It's like a pencil sharpener for candles, to make them fit odd sized candle holders. Here is the video of the work-flow.
  12. Hey, let's start a thread of good videos to share. Give a short description of the video and the link. All, I poke around on youtube for blacksmithing videos. I found this one a bit mesmerizing. There is no voice and the music gets annoying about 1/2 through but this is like a 12 minute crash course on making an ornate gate. Check it out... Assuming I know how to post a video link. It's German from the 30s and the guy has a hitler mustache but don't let that bother you. There is a lot of mortice and tenon joinery, interesting cuts and bends, a use of the vice that is so obvious but somehow I never thought of it. His delicate use of the hammer is also interesting. Lots of little tap tap blows while tweaking to finish. It's obvious this is not his first time at the anvil. http://www.youtube.c...e&v=PwgIjPEZzSE
  13. Hello. I just made a new video to encourage and inspire you all to forge your own tools! This is one way you can forge a flatter.
  14. Hi, I know, this topic has been covered and documented by many smiths before. I hope my video below can be inspirational for some of you.
  15. Hi all. Made another video today. Hope some of you like it and gets inspired to forge your own pair of tongs. There are several videos covering the topic already, I know, but I hope to add something new.
  16. Hi, I made a new video yesterday showing how I make a spring swage. Hope it can be inspirational for some of you.
  17. Hey Fellows! Here you can watch the tutorial that I made on how to forge Brian´s pick up / hammer making tongs. The video is part of a series of videos Alec and I are going to make to support Brian´s "Tools to make Tools" curriculum the International YoungSmiths team will be going through during the event at Tannehill Forge School of Blacksmithing Summer 2013.
  18. I'm interested in learning alto about how blacksmiths work in very poor and primitive conditions... the guys who have to make doo with very little yet still get things done... Like the guys who still use wooden tongs, improvized anviles etc. This video:
  19. Hey pals, just me forging an over kill nail to practice both tapering large stock material and striking/upsetting in a swage block: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=LrYuATVaeTE As always a high-res picture of the finished product: Yours - Daniel
  20. Hey fellows, after I published my guide on how to forge a rams head wall hook some people asked me how to make the punch for the eyes of the rams head. Due to the fact that there isn´t any video covering this very type of punch yet, I decided to make one on my own. I hope it can give you an idea how you would forge one on yourself. Please bare with me, it was -10°C and gloves where an absolute necessity in order to be able to forge anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCkMiVZR8Pw&feature=youtu.be Here a little written description: 1st heat: forge a square taper 2nd heat: dress up the taper 3rd heat: dress up the tip of the punch 4th heat: punch a dent into the tip of the punch using a ball punch 5th heat: take off two opposing corners of the tip, if you want the eye ball to be round, only use a file, if you want it elliptical first upset it horizontally with the hammer and then dress it up with a file 6th heat: cut it off at desired length 7th heat: make the strike end of the punch octagonal and forge a teardrop shape about 1" below the striking face, dress the striking face 8th heat: anneal the whole punch 9th heat: harden the tip of the punch at cherry red color and then use the spare heat to temper it to sky blue color last step: test if it is shatterproof and test the punch on a piece of steel. I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something new! Your - Daniel
  21. Hey Guys, this time I don´t want to promote my own work, but the one of a really great traditional blacksmith in the UK. His name is Simon Grant-Jones and here are two videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfBZdzJvySs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh0sz6yw_F4 And this picture I also found, he made this candleholder only using traditional techniques: In my eyes that prooves, that one can definatelly survive as a traditionally working blacksmith, not using archwelders and stuff like that. My eyes hurt every time when I see ugly, welded or machineforged fences in the city or even on historic buildings. Take this as a motivation to try to stay as traditional as possible. The smith has always been an innovator, but if stuff starts to be ugly and cheap, this is no innovation, but a stark step backwards! Your - Daniel
  22. Hey Guys, in this very video I explain the procedure to make box jaw tongs that fit for 25x10mm flat bar. Due to the fact that a lot of people saw TechnicusJoe´s tongs videos to be mirrored in my video I watched his and yes, I can also see the similarities. But this must have happened unconsciously and I, although I sure have been influenced by his work, did not try to copy him on purpose. My main source for the box jaw tongs and the welded on rains was Mark Aspery´s video, for the flat jaw tong what I was taught in France and for the drawing out Brian Brazeal´s video. The purpose of this video is to show people that are keen to learn the technique to make a pair of box jaw tongs and I think it - as well as Joe´s videos do - suits that purpose very well. I took to note that this problem is in place and I will watch out for it in future videos. But I don´t need ten or more additional people tell me this over and over again ;). That being said I hope you will have fun and benefit from watching it ^_^. Yours - Daniel
  23. Hello people, on Thursday I have been out in my shop forging a pair of farrier-style tongs for holding 20x5mm flat bar. I´d be glad about some critique and advise. The tongs work good although I had to grind of some of the boss and jaw material in order to make them work... Here you can see the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Drq9aLOeE And here is a picture of the finished result: Regards - Daniel
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