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  1. Thanks for the replies. The jaws are 4 1/2 wide. As far as the cart, i think it's just a hand truck made by J&k out of Columbus Ohio, not Columbia. The conversion was done very long time ago so it still looks period correct. Gonna take some time and restore it. Thanks, Art
  2. Finally got back to this posting. Watched the video. Yes, very eye opening. I still have both vises and I do agree that the wider jaws and gap would lend itself to more flexibility regarding grabbing on to things.
  3. 2 part question for y'all. I found myself at a yard sale this weekend and saw a unique vise. Neither I or the person selling knew how it worked initially. Long story short. When lever is in the vertical position, the vise opens and closes freely by hand. When you have your item( bar,pipe,wood, whatever) in the vise, you push the movable jaw up against item, then push back on the handle, the jaw then tightens up and locks down. To release, simply pull the handle back to vertical. I saw a posting here on the same vise but nobody knew much about it and that was almost 10 years ag
  4. Thanks for the input. As I was making this post, taking pics of each, I started to lean towards the Wilton because, as stated, the replaceable jaws, enclosed box, ext. I was also noticing the 4 point mounting holes on the Wilton vs the 3 point system on the Ridgid. I highly doubt I will ever put either one in enough stress to get close to a failure point but looks like the Wilton is taking the lead.
  5. I have to pick one of these vises. I know Wiltons have a great history. This vise was made in 89 so its not "vintage". The Ridgid is forged steel and has a nice sleek look to it. Opens longer ( 10 in vs 6 1/2 ish on Wilton), but the flip side is it also extends further out the back. The handle is quite a bit longer. The Wilton is ductile iron. Both the main jaws and pipe jaws on the Ridgid all one unit. The main jaws and pipe jaws on Wilton are replaceable. The striking surface on back of Ridgid is about 4 in square. The wilton is about 3 1/2 in square. I don't want
  6. I got anvil off the base. It actually did make a difference in the rebound. Not a night difference but noticeable. The bigger difference was sound wise. It rings much louder now. It does have a light smearing of oil/lubricant. I dont think enough to make a difference but I'll wipe it down tomorrow and see what that does. I wouldn't mind recording it and maybe posting on YouTube then adding the link here. If anyone would be interested. The base was made from some sort of soft wood as the core. Some plywood for the sides. Mounted to some small metal wheels. Wasn't very solid.
  7. Thanks fellas I'm hoping to find some time later today or tomorrow to play around with it and I'll post the latest. I did test most of the face and closer to the horn seemed best It didn't have a great ring either. I personally like my fisher because of the lack of the ring but the trenton wasn't quiet like a fisher or vulcan nor does it ring like a HB. Pw. Brooks. The more I was thinking about it the more I'm thinking it's the base. Yes, the face is in great shape and such a large surface is really nice. The face alone is 22 in × 5 in so that's what attract
  8. Hi all. I just picked up this good looking 345lb Trenton with a serial number of 205735. Because it looked so good,I just paid the man and ran like I stole a candy bar. Once I got home, I busted out the old ball bearing excited to see the rebound.. Wah-wah-wahhhhh... very surprised, very disappointed, very shocked. I've had/have a few other brands HB, Fisher, Peter Wright, Brooks, Vulcan. I know some say Vulcans aren't all that but the Vulcan i had out-rebounded this trenton by a mile. I know rebound tests aren't the end all but I was shocked nonetheless. I must mention that the
  9. Lowering softly would make it nicer for sure, even if it is just an anvil. I remember our Class C RV that we used to have had simple valve that I used an ordinary bicycle pump to raise and lower a fully loaded 32 ft RV. Maybe something from the automotive airbag industry that's small and can be easily inflated/deflated manually?
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I have a smaller Fisher I'll probably experiment with the stand for that one. Measured the sand filled stand, it is 14 in wide. These are the casters I'm hoping will work. They don't raise the unit a lot, just enough. There's even a pin you can theoretically remove the wheel if its gonna be in one spot for a long time. I plan to mount on the inside portion of the legs so they don't stick out further than the legs.
  11. I'm in the process of designing an anvil stand. Nothing ground breaking I know. Trying to blend different ideas and thinking of some of my own. I have 2 anvils, 3 actually but 2 big ones are part of this story. A 250 lb Fisher and a 325 lb HB. I live in the suburbs in Los Angeles so I don't have distance between neighbors or even my main living quarters for that matter. I initially picked the Fisher because of its quietessnes while still great rebound. I went to a purchase a slightly bigger, better condition Fisher recently because why not upgrade?? Upon arriving, the F
  12. Yes, the bottom has a closed ended u shaped hole. It appears it would have 2 be mounted to a horizontal fitting/pipe. The spring inside the vise isn't strong enough to push the jaws apart but can if it's mounted in the position the blue one is. A cole vise huh? Cool, thanks. I'll research Cole vises
  13. Hi. I have this vise that I cant find any info on. I may need to use it to barter for other equipment but no idea of its value, importance, or even intended use, blacksmith, plumbing, woodworking, etc. I know its clearly not intended for woodworking but you get the idea. It opens and closes freely. I took it apart and cleaned up after these pics. The pic of the blue one is just a random internet pic.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll hold on to the Fisher. Someone within my circle just told me about another anvil! I had put out the word to any and all. This other one is 64 kg Brooks England anvil. But condition is unknown at this time
  15. Welcome to IFI... I always suggest reading tout of the forum. It is full of tips like editing your profile to show your location plus many others. READ THIS FIRST

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