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  1. Thanks for all the advice folks! Daswulf in particular for the immediate id and advice! I haven't had the chance yet to spark test or harden but I'll post the results when i do.
  2. Hi there, I found a bunch of cool junk in the scrap bin today at work including a big chisel someone had made and some old metal buckets and a slew of some sort of scraper blades. My question pertains to whether anybody can id what these blades are used for and if you think they'd be worth my time as far as knife making! I will spark test them when I get home but that's a ways off so I figured to keep myself occupied I'd make a needy post. Thanks for your time Spencer Dirks
  3. I'm seeking the expertise of the folk on this site! There is an anvil posted on a local classified page the owner seems to know little about it but claims it's 160# there are few pictures but they aren't great. They are asking 250$ CAD for it which equates to 1.56 a #. That seems like a pretty great price to me. If anybody has an idea of what this could be please let me know. Thanks, Spencer Dirks
  4. This is insanity! It sure is cool to watch but it does make you wonder if the price on anvils are really inflated in his location due to the fact that hes snapped them all up! but people are always going to spend their money on whatever they like. Its good that he lets people see his collection
  5. I put it on maybe 1/8th inch thick possibly 1/4 at the most. The refractory was very thick and hard to work with to begin with but I added some water to make it more malleable. It may take longer to dry but it made the process much easier! The kaowool is actually pretty rigid plus the fact that its cut and packed in there very tight helps a great deal. I've actually never worked with kast-o-lite so I can't really speak to it but the consistency before the water was somewhat akin to gum. Spencer
  6. Thanks frosty! I'm looking very forward to putting it into service. In regards to the Flux issue I'm also considering putting bricks along the bottom to serve as a platform for my workpieces al well as negating impact damage to the refractory coating and kaowool.
  7. The temperature rating on the cement is 2700° f and the burner works beautifully I've had many an alloy up to welding temp with this burner in the past. I also have a riel burner but prefer this one. I'm not certain as to whether this one is a copy of something but I'm pretty sure my dad designed it excuse my lack of knowledge!
  8. No worries about that I always have the overhead door open and I have multiple gas detectors in my space. No estate sales in my near future! Knock on wood
  9. Here are some pictures of the forge build I'm currently working on! It's a motor shell insulated with ceramic kaowool blanket and coated with refractory cement. I'm just waiting on the cement to dry so I can coat the whole thing in itc-100 and fire it up! I've included a not so great photo of the burner I will be using in it as well. I'd love to explain it but it's one my dad built years ago and hasn't gotten around to showing me how to build yet. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! Spencer Dirks
  10. That's a nice looking knife!
  11. True enough why use a crutch when you don't have to.
  12. Lots of great information in here! I think I'm going to attempt to forge a flatter to make up for some of my less skilled hammer blows.
  13. That is gorgeous! hopefully you get it for a good price. Up here in the great white north you don't see many like that I'm very jealous
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