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  1. Pic of that please. We love pics:-)
  2. I use my left hand some. Im about half as fast that way but sometimes its fun to change it up. Technicus Joe on youtube has a good vid showing how to forge chain links left then right handed. Fun to watch. It looks natural for him.
  3. Omg. She's beautiful. Not beat up at all. I have anvil envy now along with others I suppose. Your lucky. Count your stars. Nice anvil. You will never find one in that condition ever again unless you pay 10 dollars a pound or more. Enjoy her and put her to work.
  4. How did you get it for free. Our bodyshop has paid top ching for those when we get a super bad hit in.
  5. It will work fine for these operations. You dont even need an extra battery because they charge up in less then 10 minutes
  6. Wow. Your anvil is is better shape then i thought. So its only gonna take some small modifications to make it work for you. Heres a before and after of mine. I used it for 2 years before cleaning it up. I did put a couple small welds in the deeper chips. It works good for me now.
  7. I love it. The wheels are awesome along with the vintage slack tub. Fire that baby up and get to beatin hot steel. Whoo hoo:-)
  8. Going to shorten up the stump an inch. She left her mark :-) Thats only usage. No torch etc.
  9. These were inside where the fan is? How big is the band. Could it be used to hold the hose on the air outlet. I dought they belong inside.
  10. I love the anvil clock and the old time phone. Awesome
  11. To me that is the best thing ever. Built from things you use then put back to work for your job. Awesome !!!!!!
  12. Hows it going down there.
  13. Use and enjoy your anvil. It might not perfect, but trust me, you will have fun with it . Your lucky. Some of us are using things alot less anvil shaped then yours and still make good stuff.
  14. Feel for your loss Poncho. The connecting rod in the engine can be forged into a bottle opner. Ive done a few and gear heads love them. I take my ball pien and texture the whole rod so it looks like it came out of a totally exploded engine
  15. That looks good. Like you said mount it sturdy and practice closing the lid in case of a flare up.