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  1. Nice work, I like it . My first attempt at a horse head for my little granddaughter and she said " nice cow papa " ! She is 4 years old hahaha what to say ! Cheers
  2. You might be addicted to smithing if you BBQ using a hand crank blower !
  3. Very nice work Aus ! Impressive
  4. Centaur Forge sells it about 1$ a pound , 50$. Shipped from Texas , good luck Jack
  5. Merry Christmas everyone , and a Happy New Year .

  6. Alec,,,,,, that is beyond Beautiful. That hammer will amaze people long after we are all gone . Outstanding !
  7. Technician.Austin, Thanks a bunch for posting about TS carrying the nut coal. Out here in California you have to beat the farriers to any coal available, at 28$ for 50# bituminous. Had to bite the bullet last time and payed 50$ from centaur forge, ouch. contacted a TSC in Norco Ca. And it took 2 weeks to get there but I grabbed 4 bags, 160# for 26$ . I never tried Anthracite before but for that price , can't beat it. Your post saved me money and anyone out here, there is a full pallet at the door still,( if I don't steal it first ! Grin ) happy forging y'all
  8. Will say a prayer for that no more lives are lost and protection for the property's.
  9. Frosty and Eric both have good points . I've worked Iron for a living .And when I was an apprentice I didn't pay heed to the ol boys I worked with and came down with Galvanize poisoning . Body aches in all your joints and you swear you have the flu with a super pounding headache . Bad stuff for sure. Any steel supplier sells black pipe , do yourself a favor and spend a bit of money and a little time to find the black pipe. It might be cheaper than your co-pay at the hospital ! Good luck , work safe
  10. All sound advice , never thought of using valves for tooling ! Shamus , I purchased an animal eye punch from Dave Custer,proprieter of Fiery furnace Forge on ebay for cheap. Good quality and craftsmanship. And helps support a fellow blacksmith . On YouTube Gary Huston gave a tutorial on one way to fashion an eye punch . Good luck ,would like to see how your progress goes with this project ?
  11. I just saw this today. Did not know him but am sorry for your loss Mrs. Arnold and family Gods peace for you all
  12. Repurposing. That's what is cool about this craft , Mercedes Benz or a Ugo , as long as it gets you there ! Good job.
  13. I never thought of experimenting like this. I am color blind as far as shades of same colors , thank you for sharing this
  14. Will pray for a full recovery, and Gods peace for your family Looking forward to a good report