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  1. Alec, I have tried making a 3 -1/2" rounding hammer similar to yours. Mine seems too narrow in the diameter of the hammer faces. Can you give me an idea of how wide the hammers faces should be? I think I need to upset the billet first.

  2. Hello alec. Name is greg miller. Just now beggining my forge. I have seen numerous of your youtube vids and have found them very resourceful. Thank you for your advise and teaching via youtube. 

  3. Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted here. I would quite like to share with you all a project I greatly enjoyed working on. I gave this hammer as a gift to Dave Lisch as thanks for teaching me how to make this pattern when I was in Seattle last June! A couple hundred layers of 1080 and 15N20 I hope you are all well Thanks! Alec
  4. Posting these on behalf of Brian! SO IMAGINE THIS IS BRIAN FROM NOW ON :) Three different set ups for a poker. This is clay. The initial weld The final weld (I over heated the collared one) Stress test (Prying) - Brian
  5. Owen! Awesome! Thank you for showing! That is very cool! I'm pleased to see that holds up to such a force! Laertius - Fantastically put! I agree and do love this type of debate. I hope people aren't genuinely getting upset by this kind of debate as it is the backbone to the development and potential realisation of 'truth'. It is all a lot of fun! 1forgeur - You put it well too :)
  6. The drift will get stuck if it gets forged within the hole. Be sure to 'snug' the hammer onto the drift with every upsetting blow in the cupping tool. This means smacking the struck end of the drift down on the anvil so the hammer's weight brings it further up the drift. Also only hit once before moving lifting the hammer off the cupping tool and switching to a new position.
  7. Seems like Brian has been facebook-ised. There is none! I believe the format here encourages one to use one's vernacular to express one's gratitude at another one's support to one.
  8. Dan, awfully sorry it was not rhetoric! ;) :P Looking forward to your vid/pics! :) I hope you are coming to the IBF! It will be a lot of fun! Alec
  9. Yes it it. I view forging as one all encompassing subject. I also view forging as this wonderful way of taking something, moving it around, changing its cross section and retaining strength, if not gaining it! If the method of faggot welding a hook onto a poker is weak, though we agree it is adequate for it's purpose, then what if someone wanted a similar 'shape' for a task demanding a much higher payload? Well, that is what the forged bend is about. It is an exploration of structure, based on the faggot weld's use in fire pokers. Might I also mention that this is far quicker than faggot welding it and is a much more reliable, repeatable task that is arguably more aesthetically pleasing? Yes, it is 'just a bend that has been hammered on'. A faggot weld is equally something 'that has been hammered on'. Your disparaging rhetoric is not necessary and adds nothing to the discussion of forged structure. Of course, this is not a 'faggot weld' but, despite this, I believe it was worth posting as it shows an alternative for the example mentioned: a fire poker. It also acts as a suitable comparison between the structural integrity of forging like this and the faggot weld as commonly used. I hope this cleared my post up. This is fun! :) Alec
  10. Jeremy, please have a re-read. I mentioned this was an 'alternative' and there was 'no weld'. *edit* woops, apparently i didn't read your post either ;) ;) Sorry about sounding hostile, it came across wrong!
  11. Hey folks! Long time no see!!! Here are the pictures! (fun note, the point on that puller was 0.2mm square. I have a hole in my thumb to prove it!) Testing the strength quenched, cold. Notice how the bend is stronger than parent bar. That is forging. (however, notice the hairline cold shut in the crotch created by hitting on the parent bar by mistake. Despite the bending, it did not progress further.) I had to try this after seeing Brian's postings to try it. It is an incredibly strong bend! There is no weld in this. I thought it was pretty cool! Super easy to do. If it was a fire poker it would be a 3 heat poker end. (Taper - bend, forge point from bend, shape puller.) I'd like to design some artwork using this technique. Here is Brian's original post - "A faggot weld and a much better idea" Faggot weld stress tested (broken) The alternative. Alternative stress tested. Brian is not saying that the weld is not adequate for a poker - it does the job. Right? It pokes and pulls logs. However, he is saying that the weld is not a 'good weld' and teaching this structurally weak weld to beginners is a bad idea as it leaves us beginners without the ability to maximise the capabilities of forging! Forging is a wonderful tool! Let's not waste it by learning how to do weak forgings. That is forgery? Alec
  12. Oh hello! I am here!! Wack me an email pr PM :) I also have a website - www.medler-steele.com Look forward to your contacting me!
  13. I use my belt grinder every single day in the shop! Most used powered tool I own.
  14. This tool here, I believe is the tool we use for forging the rounding face on a forged to finish rounding hammer! Am I correct?
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