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  1. Dont have my old thermocouple and looking for anew one for measuring omelt temps. Wondering what brands or models others are using? Has anyone built their own? I have some unused can you type them a couple wiring pieces without gauges but as far as everything I've read and used in the past you need some sort of ceramic tube to sit in the crucible. Has anybody used the laser noncontact types
  2. I did not read every post but did not hear about your fuel. As far as Portland cement, from my knowledge this is not normally used in furnace construction
  3. If you havent found anyone i can do it. Many years casting both lost wax and sand. Located in S. Florida
  4. Hi all - I saw in this post a mention of a burner Frosty designed - is that right? where can i get the design? Thanks
  5. how do you flare it the 12 degrees? I have the tubing, wondering what the best way to do it is? thanks
  6. thanks Frosty I appreciate your information - I am not trying to reinvent the wheel - I am on a budget and having lots of DE would make it free instead of $40-$50 for a gallon - I am located in Miami FL. However I did a lot of research (I am disabled and have lots of time) and it turns out that the majority of rigidizers are simply colloidal silica. some have additional additives most do not. I read the MSDS sheets. Since I do not know about these items in this particular use - why is colloidal silica a poor choice, what is wrong with the amorphous silicates? I would really like to know- I have used similar products on my burnout furnaces - the bottles came with the furnace, never knew what the material was. I found many people using this particular product for just this use, and they have been using it for many years. http://www.remet.com/range/colloidal-silica/
  7. i cannot find anyone within driving distance wondering if anyone (might have asked this heere already - trying to get it done asap) I have DE (diamataceous earth) that I have read can be used, also colloidal fumed silica - easy to get at any boat store. supposedly that is what is in the rigidizers they sell - just can't get any rock solid info. hate to put any junk on the wool - as it is not cheap! thanks
  8. hi frosty - tiring to do this right and safe. Building my forge per the zoeller instructions using a 5 gallon metal can. Bought 1" kaowool and have two layers in. Started reading about putting the Itc 100 and found out I needed rigidizer. Wondered about using a slip of DE. Or west marine's colloidal silica but can't seem to get clear information. Trying to do this on a budget - so can u suggest the best/ correct /safest way to rigidize the wool b4 coating with itc100? Thanks much Cary
  9. thanks all - any suggestions on a stiffener? I didn't purchase any when I bought the blanket - didn't know I needed it. Do you use it on the entire blanket before coating with itc-100 or just on the flare hole? again thanks for your good information
  10. Hello All, just putting together my first forge - a Zoeller 5 gallon metal bucket forge. got the 2 layers of 1" kaowool in place and built a Dave Hammer burner. haven't had time to make the tooling to flare the SS tubing for the nozzle and I remember reading (but can't find - the reason for my post) about forming the"nozzle out of the wool, and coating it with ITC 100 instead of using the SS tubing. Am I remembering this correctly? If so can anyone explain - I think I got it, but would love to hear what you all have to say. Also - any suggestions for coating everything with the ITC 100 would be helpful. i have used it on my casting furnace - so I know how to mix it but never used it on wool. do you coat the edge where the door closes? I would think the non coated wool would make a nice closure BUT I think it would degrade not being coated, adding fibers to the air. Thanks. Cary in Miami - where it is hot enough already.
  11. Hello all, just about got all my stuff ready to build my first propane forge - my 0-40 psi regulator and hose came in today. have not been able to find a 0-40 gauge anywhere - does anyone know if I can use a 0-60 gauge? i would think so but I just don't like to guess with fuel gas. Here is a good reason for testing your lines each time. I was teaching a casting class this weekend, and when going over who to light the blast furnace, (and testing each fitting with soapy water) we heard gas when we should not have. someone ran over the lighting line (flexible line) and put a pinhole in it. had we not checked it could have been bad. It really showed the students how checking is no joke.
  12. It was suggested by someone I trust that my next furnace (to cast a minimum of 50#) a pour should be a tilting one - I agree - I have a 21" diameter compressor tank to make that and my muller - but looking for plans. Chastain has a book but cant find a copy - they want $700+ on Amazon for it. and as much as $2k! anyone have any designs they can share? Thanks.
  13. thanks for putting a name to my burner - I asked around in other forums, with photos and no one gave it any name at all. I personally love it - and many casters and blacksmiths have commented on how nicely it operates.
  14. I called him and he was very helpful and an absolute gentleman.
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