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  1. I don't know how many here have kids or play with a Nintendo 3DS, but the Nintendo eShop has put out a new game geared around blacksmithing. It is called Weapon Shop De Omasse. Anyone who has ever played a role playing game knows that most of the weapons you use are bought from some form of weapon shop. In this game you play a blacksmith running a weapon shop and your customers are the adventurers. It is silly at times but addictive. Have any of you seen or heard of any other blacksmith related games?
  2. I regularly check eBay and craigslist, however, the one that I have seen is for a Buffalo forge. The Buffalo one in not interchangeable with my Champion 401. There is a person in an upper part of NY state, selling a blower, frame, and pipe for about $300. His blower looks poorly maintained by the way. He refuses to sell me just the pipe end because he apparently doesn't actually do anything on eBay, he pays people to post his stuff and doesn't want to pay to relist it. As I mentioned before, I will probably just have to cut and replace the rotted top half of the pipe end. I will be lining my fire pot and will actually be making bolt-on interchangeable fire pots for the forge, to accommodate different projects.
  3. They are not that deep, it is just that crappy black paint in the dings that make it look deeper than they are. When I first got it, someone was using it as a doorstop and had painted the entire thing. Any recommendations on a strong paint thinner/stripper? Thanks for all the experienced advice.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, I really have no desire to take anything off of it. I was told that the smoother your anvils surface is, the less work it is to put a nice finish on your work. I am thinking of just making a finishing hardy, one that fits in the hardy hole and runs along the top of the anvil and had a smooth top. I would just use the anvil to beat the work into shape. I kind of have a personal attachment to the anvil and don't see myself letting it go or trading it. I stumbled on it a few years ago and paid $120 for it. Still haven't gotten all that crappy outdoor black paint off it. It has about a 1/16" coat of it and an angle grinder with a wire wheel just polishes it rather than removes it.
  5. I was actually about to seek guidance on ID’ing my anvil. The hardened top plate is 1” maybe more. The only markings that can be seen are a large five point star on one side and I.S.F. in large stamped letters on the other side. It also has I.S.F. stamped twice on the bottom. I’m guessing the “F” is for farrier. Any info on it would be greatly appreciated. Here are some pictures, sorry for the size.
  6. Has anyone here ever had their anvil's surface machined, and is it worth getting done? I have a very old anvil with a decent surface but has a bunch of narrow dings that are about 1/16" to 1/8" deep. The hardened top plate is about an inch thick. Would it make work easier for me if I had it machined just below the dings or would it weaken my anvil? Thanks ahead of time.
  7. I will get pictures of the rest of the forge later. Any one with advice on how to show picture thumbnails instead of large pictures? The only way I can figure how to post pictures here is through linking them.
  8. Here are a few pics to show what I am dealing with. I just recently had the frame fixed and was able to unscrew the two halves of the blower pipe. Since I can't seem to find a replacement pipe end (the rotted part), my plan is to salvage the bottom of the ash dump and cut and replace the top half that goes to the fire pot. I will have to cut a piece of pipe to match and have it welded.
  9. I just wanted to inform those in the northern Delaware area that there is a "retired" smith in northern Wilmington selling a large variety of tongs. I picked up two but don't currently have a need or a budget for more. He is selling them on an average of $12 to $25 bucks each. He has an ad on Craig's List in Delaware under the search "Blacksmith". Do me a favor, if you find this helpful, let him know that Josh mentioned it.
  10. Nah I do too. I also work with electronics and have a tendency to collect parts and old power adapters. My wife though they were a waste of space until the day she needed me to hack one up to make her a replacement charger.
  11. Not yet. Back when I was a little , a disheveled man ran up to my father while we were eating at a restaurant. He was ranting about werewolves being real and gave my dad an actual silver bullet and told him he might need it one day. On the casing of the bullet it actually says Werewolf Killers, instead of a regular brand name. He still has it stashed away in his closet somewhere. Ever since, I have been interested in making a bunch of my own. There is a guy who molds the bullet part through special order, but last I heard he was very backordered. But that's a little off topic. :p
  12. I'm not quite sure what other equipment he had, a large group of people took all of his big equipment before I got there, and I got there an hour before the sale was advertised to start. Apparently they pushed to have it open up when THEY got there, about two hours early. I missed out on tongs, hardies, and other tools. His daughter showed me some of his work and it is possible that he did all of the above. I might use a chunk to make a silver bullet mold.
  13. Not sure. He was mainly famous for his smith'd jewelry. But he probably had other side projects.
  14. A well know blacksmith, from Maryland, passed away a few months ago and all of his belongings were sold off by his wife, daughter and apprentice. Some of the things I acquired included 15 years worth of notes and teaching material, chisels, polishing compounds and two huge bars of pure graphite. I can't figure out what he used the graphite for, neither could his family or his apprentice. Does any one out there use graphite in their forging process for any reason. Or did this guy just happen to have two really large bars of the stuff laying around.
  15. I want to post some images of the parts I am currently working on. How do I go about that on this site? I couldn't find any guides. I also want to share over 200 pics/video of the 2012 Seki (Japan) Sword & Knife festival, which includes a sword-smithing demonstration and pictures from their museum.
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