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  1. i have a william foster anvil #159 1853 is date with queens crown stamped in it the question i have is there is also j p stamped under the date anyone know if this is a persons stamp or something else?
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    keep trying

    keeping the dream alive
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    2 heat iris.jpg

    the wife tells me those are supposed to be some sort if lily sry.
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    2 heat iris.jpg

    eighth plate with hammered balls two heats to form each part
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    ship of fools
  6. formed with hammer and anvil from eighth plate!!!
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    Pure Class

    we arent either pete but we do it anyways lol hows life in nz i and the wife are thinking about moving there
  8. Commissioned as a "Trophy of Distinction" for 2009 All Star Grand Prix competition ( The EQUESTRIAN ALL-STAR GRAND PRIX was set to showcase gold medal sport entertainment, featuring Canada’s very own Olympic stars. The Trophy was won and taken home by David Arcand of Quebec.
  9. i like the design alot and finish is good. Only suggestion i have is always paint nuts and screws to match the railing and also four inches on center for pickets is just for code i like three and a half for them, makes it look much more solid. nice work.
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    Pure Class

    Classical railing in a very old and historically significant residence in Ottawa, Canada.
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    My Precious

    Inspired by Lord of the Rings.....
  12. cant upload photos very easy why not
  13. i forged a square horn for it works great and that anvil is the quietest i have ever beaten on but as i asked what kind is it some think its a moushole from the 1850s or newer