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  1. Thanks guys Jim was great and this coming weekend is our Hammer In For Northwest Ohio Blacksmiths, he will be remembered there. The club built a bench and pass members names go on the bench. Will post pictures after this weekend.
  2. Today I found out my Mentor Jim Beck passed away. Not only was he my mentor he was a good friend, when I started forging steel he bent over backwards to help me out. I met him at the County Fair where he took my name and number. When the next club meeting came around he picked me up and made sure I had a good time. That's all it took for me with in a month I had my anvil, forge, vise,and hand tools. Jim showed me the basics and the rest is history. Rest in Peace Jim.
  3. Thank you, saw that the further I scrolled down and saw your other posts. Now I feel like a newby.
  4. Enjoyed the video. Vaughn you mentioned about making the eye-turning tool, I also liked his quenching dipper. I been using a soup can for years and of coarse they rust out, his looks like it would last a life time and you have better control over the water. Time to get the heater fired up and get down to the shop.....this is the first time in ten years the water in my quench bucket has froze.
  5. Nice post once I get my power hammer done and time on my hands will have to make one of these, and if I fail guess I'll buy one.
  6. Nice looking rose! Mark Aspery has a how to video on roses on youtube, just do a search on his name.
  7. Propane wall heater gets to hot in the shop have to turn it off. Work in a t-shirt and it stays warm enough at night the quench bucket never freezes, I turn off the heater at night to save on propane. It takes about an hour to warm the shop up on a cold winter day.
  8. For the brass rod why not bend both ends at a 90 degree angle, punch holes in the frame and stick the rod through holes and take a ballpein hammer rivet ends over. On go to their iforge how-to and they have a rose plan that has the pattern for the rose petals you can print, then all you have to do is enlarge it to the size you want. They have a lot of other ideas also that might be helpful.
  9. Like the J-hooks, I started to put two holes in my J-hooks that way they don't swing back and forth and mark up the wall.
  10. I always thought a blacksmithing show would be great, PBS needs to do some thing.
  11. Great job, We had the blessings of Clay's presents at a hammer-in a couple years back and what we learned just by watching was an experience all by it self.
  12. Would like to see him demo without Roy around. Interesting video but couldn't watch all of it, I know Roy is trying not to have any dead air time but enough is enough.
  13. Nice looking rivet forge, check for a club in your area.
  14. Thanks every one, I don't have any chose to pace myself I know when I've had enough. The vise is done now my my nephew can return mine and get his, he only has a 2 1/2 hour drive easier on him then me. I can't take pics because some one stole my camera going to get an other one hopefully soon. Next project is making a coat rack out of a pitch fork that was posted on iforge, thought it was neat and now I'm finally getting to it. then its those cabinet pulls thats money, all the other stuff is warm up. Working half days or less is all I can do but its better than nothing at all. Still have one surgery to go just don't know when. Thank you all again for the thoughts and prays they do mean a lot. Keep the fires burning.