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    Royalston, Massachusetts


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    Royalston, Massachusetts
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    A lifelong New Englander. Blacksmith and Motorcycle rider
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    Smithing , Motorcycles , Exercise
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    Forklift operator
  1. I just smith. I the rest of my life find time to fit in somewhere between hammer blows. Smithing lets me express my creativity, is great stress relief, allows for the best alone time I can get, makes my mind work things out more than my "regular job" , and just all in all makes me feel good. When something does that for me I let everything else find it's own place in my life's schedule.
  2. Nice anvil. I had a 165 lb. Fisher Norris Eagle anvil . Sold it and have regretted it ever since. Yeah, they do not ring. I sold mine for $400.00. Do nothing to it except USE IT. Have fun.
  3. I have a 4 speaker stereo in my smithy. I listen to Sirius XM ....mostly the blues station while I am working .
  4. In Boston, Boston Harbor Cruise, Trolley Tour of the city, Must take the Duck Boat tour, Quincy Market, The freedom trail walk, Boston Naval ship yard tour ....the USS Constitution ...SS Cassin Young. The Prudential center (shops and food particularly Legal Seafood) , The New England Aquarium and Boston Museum of Science and the IMAX Theater. Isabella Gardner Art Museum. In the Italian North end on Hanover Street some of the best Italian food this side of the Atlantic in particular La Dolce Vida restaurante . The oldest seafood establishment in Boston...The Union Oyster House. Best Irish Pub...The Black Rose. Fenway Park for a Boston Red Sox game and after the game go to the Cask and Flagon Pub next to Fenway Park. Travel west and in the Berkshires...... Pittsfield Ma. The Hancock Shaker Village. This should fill a few days. BTW I am from the area (if you couldn't tell) Mark , Black Dog Forge , Royalston, Ma.
  5. Well Done......very well done.
  6. Very good point. I went to a party where I was to deep fry a whole turkey and had mentioned to the host that I was using peanut oil. He informed me that one of the guests had an allergy to peanuts . I then changed to corn oil. One can never be too safe when it comes to food allergies .
  7. IMHO the best brand is one you make yourself.
  8. Harley

    Post vise ?

    I just got a 5 inch leg vise in a local on line auction for $25.00...Paid $75 for the last 5 inch leg vise I got through CL.
  9. The post vise may be a Colombian.......... the other I believe mav be a "saw set" for setting the teeth on a hand saw. Just my best guess.
  10. Nothing is too good for my family and friends.....so that is what I am giving.
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